Moriarty’s Musings: The 2012 Supreme Court’s Inevitable Offspring Are a Second American Civil War and World War III

June 29, 2012 1:11 pm

In 1857, the Supreme Court upheld Confederate slavery with the Dred Scott Decision. Within three years and the election of a Republican President, the American Civil War began. The Earth is too small for an American Civil War now. What is fought on American soil will be fought by the entire world.

Therefore, the incendiary decision of Justice John Roberts to side with “taxation without representation”, to approve of Obamacare, in the same way that Chief Justice Roger B. Taney approved of the Confederate right to enslave Africans?!

“It will again ensure the election of a Republican President, Mitt Romney, with the same American spirit that saw Abraham Lincoln elected 16th President of the United States.”

That, in turn, will not incite a move to secession, as with the Confederate South.



The Progressive New World Order, which is largely based on the Free World’s concessions to the Marxist dictatorships of Red China and Vladimir Putin’s neo-Soviet Russia, spearheaded in America by the Obama Nation, will enter the American domestic fray with the invaluable help of the United Nations.

World War III will prove inevitable.

It will appear, at first, to be an American Civil War: the Progressive Confederacy versus the Romney White House.

Eventually, the conflagration will spread and the Romney forces, because of their opposition to legalized abortion, will have the support of Pope Benedict XVI’s Catholic Church.


As 19th Century France swept in to aid the Southern Confederacy, Moscow and Beijing, again with the indispensible aid of the United Nations, will enter the United States to join the increasingly fervent Obama Nation in order to overthrow the Romney Presidency.

Such huge foreign intervention will not contain the battles within America.

It will most certainly spread to the Middle East and the Romney policy of protecting Israel from Iran and its Communist allies.

World war and civil war should not be dallied with as if they were chess games.

However, look at the post-Decision faces of Obamacare’s most vital necessities:


Chief Justice John Roberts:

“It is not our job

to protect the people

from the consequences

of their political choices.”

Roberts could have so easily rejected Obamacare on the basis of the Obama lie that Obamacare is not a tax.

“If you lie to the court, Mr. President,

you lie to the American people!

This is clearly,

Undeniably taxation

Without representation!

How does a lie represent anyone

Or anything?”

Instead, the Roberts Court merely says it is a tax and, since the Supreme Court is not here to protect America from taxation (without representation?), Obamacare must be upheld!

Oh, the games leaders play

with a grin on their lips,

lead their citizens to die

in the merciless grips

of civil war.

Has a Chief Justice the right to say to America: “You voted for him! He just broke the bounds of human credibility… but you voted for him… so pay the price!!”

Roberts’ predecessors and their elitists’ contempt for the very citizens their courts are sworn to protect led the Supreme Court into its fourth most disastrous decision:

Dred Scott.

Buck v Bell, 

Roe v Wade



The patronizing attitude of the Court:

Okay, Americans!

Get in the ring

And duke it out!!!

We’re not here to uphold the law!

We’re just referees who say,

“From The Bench

We see that

There really are no rules in life!

So we,

The Enlightened,

 Always let our children

Learn the hard way!!”

I thought Obama would prove the King of Too-Clever-By-Half.

Today Justice Roberts wears that crown.

That smile on Chief Justice Roberts’ face will cost America too many lives for such an expression to have its final resting place in any other corner of History but Hell itself.

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