Moriarty’s Musings: Thumbnail Sketches of The Greats I’ve Met, Spoken with or Worshipped from Afar

July 5, 2012 4:00 pm

Anthony Hopkins

The world’s greatest actor

In hiding.

Paul Scofield

The most under-appreciated actor

In the history of the world.

Jack Nicholson

Marlon Brando’s pace-setter.

Marlon Brando

A Buddhist monk

Trapped in acting’s greatest talent.

Meryl Streep

Serious acting’s greatest mimic.

Katherine Hepburn

“I shall not look upon her like again.”

Jimmy Stewart

America’s best American.

Sidney Poitier

The world’s best human being.

Gene Kelly

A renaissance genius

In tap shoes.

Dennis Hopper

A miracle of mere survival.

Orson Welles

“I shall not look upon his like again.”

Alec Baldwin

James Dean without the benefit of an early death.

In other words:

A naughty boy.

Jeanne Moreau

The greatest victim of French values.

Ian Holm

England’s most underappreciated soul.


Stella Alder


Stella Adler

The greatest woman I’ve ever met.

Burt Reynolds

One of Hollywood’s greatest talents

Trapped in the wake


Marlon Brando.

Robert De Niro

Hardest working actor I’ve ever encountered.

Christopher Isherwood

One of God’s most sophisticated creations.

Christopher Fry

One of Christianity’s most authentic poets.

Bette Davis

The goddess of female rage.

Laurence Olivier

The Universe shall not look upon his like again.

Tennessee Williams

One of God’s most honest spies.

Eli Wiesel

Freedom’s greatest victim of the Nobel Prize.

Miles Davis

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Rumored to have said,

At the end of his life,

That life is what I also believe it is:


Please keep that a secret between us …

Miles Davis

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