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August 24, 2012 4:12 pm Views: 229

With 2012 being the banner year for all things British, what with the celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June and the Olympics in July, it couldn’t be a better time to show a little love for the union jack.

Have you ever considered injecting a little British flavor into your decor? I have to admit to being inspired to create the “London Classic” as one of three interior design concepts for an internationally-minded developer of a condominium project “The Azure” right here in Ottawa’s own Westboro neighborhood.  Although you may not see a literal representation of the union jack fashioned in the model suite (coming Fall 2012), you can expect to see some British hallmarks – herringbone patterned tile work, dark hardwood floors, button tufted sofas and nailhead detailing on bed frames and chairs.

This photo taken from Living Etc. congers up the image  – I am loving the union jack pillow as an accent  – this could be considered a classic not just a trend in my opinion – there is just something perennially fabulous about the red, blue and white combination. This could be added to a little boys room for a counterpoint to beige/amber/ or caramel or used on a otherwise feminine curvy sofa to give it a little more edge.

For you die hard Brits, perhaps you might consider a bolder representation such as this gorgeous rug from the Rug Company:

or how about these statement pieces for the traditionalist and the modernist?


Too much for you?  Whatever the case, have fun with British mania!


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