Michael Moriarty’s Musings: Tina Brown, the Goddess of Print

August 23, 2012 4:19 pm


Tina Brown and Sarah Palin share that in common.

A kind of Saint Vitus Dance of the soul.

Never in one place or one job for too long.

However, no two women have hit more unforgettably American bull’s eyes than Brown and Palin.

Palin broke my heart, however, when she refused to enter the Republican primaries.

Brown, on the other hand, has me whistling Hit the Road, Jack as if it were the North American national anthem.

With this new first line emblazoned across the cover of Tina Brown’s Newsweek:

Hit the Road, Barack! 

This week's cover of Newsweek

I felt like it was a second V-E Day and V-J Day combined!!

“How’s that ‘Hope ‘n Change’ workin’ out for ya, Barack?” also comes to mind.

It’s one thing for writer Niall Ferguson to come up with Hit the Road, Barack. Quite another for Tina Brown, his editor-in-chief, to make it a front-page headline.

Not long ago in Ottawa Life Magazine, I sang my love song to Cicely Isabel Fairfield or, as she’s known worldwide, Rebecca West .

Now I wish to “muse” on the polarizing yet eternally fascinating British polymath, Tina Brown.


Polarizing polymath!

“How ‘bout you calm down, Michael, and join us, we poor and less inspired human beings?”

Okay… but I’m just so excited about the Inner Circle, even the fringes of The Beltway, coming up with “Hit the Road, Barack!”

No, despite the fact that I lived in Manhattan during the very heyday of Tina Brown’s stay with the religiously revered The New Yorker Magazine, despite my starring in New York City’s Law and Order, I still knew little about her. A beginning to her life story is available on Wikipedia but none of it interested me until her new assignment, Newsweek Magazine, called for the flip but hip ouster of the present President of the United States.

Hit the Road, Barack!

If that’s not American freedom of speech carried to metaphysically spiritual yet piercingly Vogue-ish heights, then she’s not Tina Brown and I’m not falling in love with her.

However, it’s possible that Tina Brown’s lips would curl at the mere mention of Sarah Palin. Her articulators in classically Brit fashion would wrap themselves carnivorously around the vowels and consonants:





Perhaps even rolling her “rrrrrr’s”?!

Then in a quiet whisper, teeth gritted, “My name, Tina Brown, uttered within the same breath as that of



Bette Davis as a blonde.


Tina Brown as the very first object of my adolescent obsessions: Gene Tierney as Laura.

Tina Brown

“She gave your very first kiss to you … “

The one you can never quite recall.

Now, at 71 years of age… and… I must confess… tears of age… it’s hard to recall what I had for lunch… but I do know how to abandon myself in prostrate gratitude before this Goddess of Print!

Rebecca West and Tina Brown!

Both of them locked in my imagination at the same time!!

And to eternity!!!!


Not Sarah Palin!!

She lost my love in the primaries.

It was worse than being abandoned at the altar.

Yet who arrives with the cavalry of Newsweek to save the day?!

Tina Brown.

God willing, her command

Hit the Road, Barack!

is Barack Hussein Obama’s ineluctable destiny!

Thank you, Ms. Brown.

You and Niall Ferguson have my eternal gratitude.

You’ve possibly made my coming decade… as the Earth herself whistles.

Hit the Road, Barack!

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