Community Mediation Ottawa – Solving Disputes!!

October 22, 2012 3:21 pm

Have you or someone you know had trouble with neighbours, parking, dogs, landlords, tenants, or within a volunteer organisation? Too often, disputes are dealt with by arguing, increased frustration, calling the police or Bylaw Services, or even a lawyer. These approaches can be costly, emotionally draining, and time-consuming. While these are important options, they often ignore the underlying issues and leave parties unsatisfied. Although it may be hard to afford or justify hiring professional services, the situation is unsustainable. These are only some of the cases well suited to community mediation.


Community Mediation Ottawa officially launched its service on Thursday October 18th 2012, Conflict Resolution Day. They provide free intervention services such as mediation or facilitation to residents of the Ottawa community who find themselves in conflict and are unable to afford or justify paying for intervention services. The types of issues their volunteer mediators would mediate are neighbourhood disputes involving neighbours, families, friends, roommates, landlord-tenant issues or interpersonal disputes. Community mediation can lead to effective, sustainable resolutions and help participants build capacity to take positive approaches in future conflicts. Since mediated solutions are generated by the parties, they can be more satisfying and longer lasting than solutions decided or imposed by an outsider.


To learn more about Community Mediation Ottawa please visit their website at or email

Photo Courtesy of Alessandra Gerebizza

(From left to right) Catherine, Director of Marketing , CICR & Pat, Member of CMO’s Steering Committee


Photo Courtesy of Alessandra Gerebizza

Band Salton Sea performes


Photo Courtesy of Alessandra Gerebizza

(From Left to right) Robert, Pamela, Pat, (CMO Steering Committee member) Meredith, Coordinator of CMO & Steering Committee Member) Catherine, Director of Marketing CICR Brian, Executive Director of CICR & CMO Steering Committee Member


Photo Courtesy of Alessandra Gerebizza

(From Left to right) Claudia & Margaret - Volunteers with CMO

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