Best Picks — The Story of the Vimy Ridge Memorial

November 11, 2012 9:00 am

An extraordinary work of memorial art, the Vimy Monument in France has achieved iconic status in the hearts and minds of Canadians since it was unveiled in 1936. Vimy: Canada’s Memorial to a Generation by Jacqueline Hucker and Julian Smith traces the story of this hauntingly beautiful WWI memorial – a monument which commemorates Canada’s contribution to the First World War and the sacrifice of 60,000 Canadians who lost their lives in the Battle of Vimy Ridge. The authors place this monument at the forefront of a change that broke with traditional military forms  of commemoration. The story describes the inspiration for the design and  the challenges of building such a memorial on Vimy Ridge. The search for the perfect stone is a  fascinating part of the narrative, as is the process of engraving the names of the 11,000 missing  Canadians across its bastion walls. The authors describe the importance of the monument and its  relationship to the landscape that surrounds it. A final chapter tells of the restoration process that  began in 2004 and the rededication in April 2007.

ISBN 978-0-9879734-0-5. Retail price: $25.



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