Canada’s First & Only Certified Organic Moonshine Whisky

December 20, 2013 12:46 pm

Right in time for the holidays, Toronto Distillery Co. announces the release of Batch #1 of Ontario Organic Wheat, Canada’s first and only certified organic white whisky. Available at LCBO stores across the province, this unaged moonshine whisky is distilled entirely from organic soft white winter wheat harvested in Schomberg, Ontario, and milled in nearby Beeton. It is mashed, fermented, and distilled entirely at Toronto Distillery Co.’s facility in the Junction.

Listed in Whisky Advocate’s 2013 Winter Buying Guide, it was awarded the highest score for an unaged whisky. Bottled at a flavorful 50% alcohol by volume, this 100% soft wheat spirit gives off a smooth huge cereal taste with hints of violet and pepper. Batch #1 represents an historical rebirth for the city, as it is the first whisky to be distilled in Toronto in generations. Get it while supplies last!


Toronto Distillery Co., Ontario Organic Wheat Spirit, unaged whisky / moonshine, organic, 375mL, 100 proof / 50% alc.vol., LCBO priced at $39.50. Click here to find our product at your local LCBO.

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