Make it one of your favorite things this holiday season… The Sound of Music at the NAC

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It doesn’t matter what kind of day you’ve had. If you’re grumpy or sad, once the lights go down and Maria (Eliza-Jane Scott) takes the stage, The Sound of Music will take you away and lift your spirits high.

I believe it is impossible to not like any rendition of The Sound of Music. It is heart-warming magic after all.

The current production at the NAC has many good qualities. For instance, the set, the costumes, the musical arrangement and all of the children, without exception, are outstanding. In fact, in many ways, the kids steal the show.

That said, Maria holds her own and Eliza-Jane Scott delivers a superb performance. Christine Brubaker’s Baroness Elberfeld (aka Schraeder from the movie) plays a far more deliciously devious Baroness than her movie version, and Brubaker is absolutely fantastic. (Since we are talking about the Baroness, a fond farewell to Eleanor Parker, the original Baroness Schraeder from the movie, who passed away this week at the age of 91.)

Sheldon Elter’s Max is just what you expect: a lovable self-serving character and Elter pulls it off without a hitch.

There are a couple of rough patches in the show. For example, Captain von Trapp, played by Dmitry Chepovetzky, seems at times a bit more stiff than is required but only in the acting of his character because his incredible singing voice more than makes up for that. In fact, his voice is phenomenal.

There are moments when the singing is not so galvanizing — even off key — in the case of other characters, notably Mother Superior, but then, by the end she finds her groove and has a powerful, impressive stage presence.

Part of the great experience in the NAC production is the audience’s inclusion. When you feel like blaring out Do-Re-Mi, you can. Or you can sing along to My Favorite Things or accompany the Captain during Edelweiss.

This is a show you can enjoy with the whole family.  Everyone, no matter your age, will have a great night. Overall, the NAC’s The Sound of Music is highly satisfying

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Error (25/12/2013):

The Sound of…. A Mea Culpa. Sorry NAC 

In this season of togetherness and hopefully forgiveness, I have an erratum to report that really irks me. It just came to my attention last night as I went to see the Sound of Music for a second time.

In my review of the production earlier this month, I reported that Christine Brubaker played Baroness Elberfeld.  This is in fact the case (and she also plays a great Frau Schmidt), but in a fit of confusion and delusion, I thought  Baroness Elberfeld was in fact the Baroness Schraeder character from the movie that we all know, who for whatever reason had a different name in the stage production. Well, I was wrong and I can’t even blame a drunken stupor or smoking crack as excuses for my error.  I was just plain wrong.  Baroness Schraeder is still Elsa in the stage show. And so my sincerest apologies to Petrina Bromley who still brilliantly plays Elsa, as I originally noted earlier this month.

While I am at it, I might as well also take the chance to praise elements of the production that have greatly improved.  Dmitry Chepovetsky has really developed his version of Captain von Trapp and his singing will still blow you away. Furthermore, the chemistry between he and Eliza-Jane Scott (Maria) is electric.  Christopher Plummer, eat your heart out.

And Quancetia Hamilton’s Mother Abbess was inspirational.  Gone was any awkwardness from earlier in the month. And special kudos to Katie Ryerson as Brigitta.



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