Tie Cleaning Tips for Holiday Stains

December 20, 2013 12:29 pm Views: 81

Is that eggnog on your tie? Or some other festive beverage you’re wearing? As we head into the holiday season with office Christmas parties abound, don’t forget to care for that staple part of your uniform—and style—that’s around your neck.

Ties have become fashion symbols for both men and women, whether in the office or simply making a statement. The popular skinny men’s tie of the Mad Men era has made wearing ties easier for young, professional men who prefer more streamlined shapes and form-fitting cuts. Novelty ties, just like the ugly Christmas sweater, are also being worn at this time of year. Colourful prints of Santa, reindeer and even blinking lights are often on display. With so much tie-wearing, drink spills and food globs are also making appearances, no matter how much one tries to prevent them. Most inexpensive ties are made using polyester, which is a bit easier compared to silk. To avoid looking like you wiped your mouth on your tie, here are a few tips for cleaning those tricky stains:


  • Whatever the food or drink stain, get to cleaning it immediately. The more time the stain has to set, the harder it is to remove it. So hop to it and get to a bathroom or kitchen pronto.
  • Blot the stain using a clean cloth dampened with tonic water, club soda or rubbing alcohol. Don’t rub or scrub as the stain will only set in more. If you have an oil-based stain like salad dressing or grease, use baby powder to soak it up. The talc in this product won’t harm the fabric and works like a charm.
  • Try a stain remover, like the Tide To Go pen. Be cautious of the bleach contained in these products as it may remove the colour from your tie, but many are safe enough.
  • Get to a dry cleaner. If all else fails, the professionals know how to do it right.
  • If you happen to get your tie splashed with just water, remove your tie and roll it in a towel. This will help remove the excess water without wrinkling the fabric too much.

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