Fashion3 Stylish Looks for 2018

3 Stylish Looks for 2018

3 Stylish Looks for 2018

It’s a New Year, how about a new look? It’s a perfect time to dive into some different fashions. Being able to dress up and finally don that fancy top you’ve been dying to wear doesn’t just have to be during the holidays. A New Year also offers the perfect excuse to wear bold looks like sparkles, glitter and red lipstick – maybe even all at the same time. We have a few suggestions for you to try out in 2018.

For a business casual or semi-formal attire,

  • Bottoms – Plaid pants

Top – Knitted sweater

Footwear – Black ankle boots

Accessories – Long (24"-33") and layered necklaces, neutral style wristwatch

Plaid continues to be in style and is more versatile than you might think. Pair it with a knitted sweater of your choice such as a cable knit or a turtleneck. Mixing prints will have people thinking that you know what you’re doing. Not only is it an uncomplicated outfit to put together, it is also super comfortable for any occasion. Depending on the necklaces you choose, you can go for a minimalistic look, an elegant ensemble, or simply casual. Wristwatches provide simplicity and style and are both fashionable and functional.

For fancier attire,

  • Bottoms – Circle skirt

Top – Off-the-shoulder top

Footwear – Knee-high boots

Accessories – Short and chunky necklace, stud earrings

An off-the-shoulder tops is a stunning fashion piece to add to your outfit. It compliments many body types and adds a flirty appeal. It is one of many pieces from the ’70s-era that are actively trending in stores and on fashion runways. If you can’t find one in your closet, one-shoulder tops, cut-outs and cold-shoulders are just as stylish. Something else that’s very stylish and keeps you warm are knee-high boots. Coupled with a circle skirt that adds a bit of playfulness to your outfit, this undoubtedly gives off a fun and daring ’70s vibe and is definitely insta-worthy. As for the accessories, a short, chunky necklace gives you a unique and distinctive look because of its size without overpowering the top. Stud earrings are also a subtle way to add more of a dainty feel to the outfit.

For a luxurious look,

  • Bottoms – Your favourite dress

Top – Faux fur coat

Footwear – Sock boots

Accessories – Leather or crystal belt, hoop earrings  

You can’t go wrong with a faux fur coat nowadays. It adds flare and sophistication to just about any outfit whether you wear tights or decide to bare your legs. It’s just what you need for the holidays if you’re aiming for a more luxurious look. Sock boots have become popular throughout the year. It may be because of the neutral-shaded knit version in Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 2. Ever since its launch, many brands have created more affordable dupes and hybrids due to the mass obsession with its modern, sleek appearance. Hoop earrings are also another highly suggested accessory for this outfit. They’re difficult to get wrong and look good with almost anything. They don’t have to be large; as long as you’re comfy and confident in wearing them. 

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