MusicAlbum Reviews: June 25, 2018

Album Reviews: June 25, 2018

Album Reviews: June 25, 2018

Protomartyr - Consolation (Detroit)

After their last album, Protomartryr needed to clear the chamber on their material to move forward. Though it doesn't bring the same over-arching thematic glory of their recent LP, this new record is a fierce and dynamic set of songs. Rallying cries and vicious riffs roar through "Wait" as singer Joe Casey creates a dark energy in the midst of the heavy shredding. "Same Face In A Different Mirror" carries a more brooding energy, as Casey is more enigmatic than ever with his lyrics, though the song's slower burn may take a couple listens to grip listeners. There's an appropriately circular chug to the demonic energy of "Wheel Of Fortune"  as Kelley Deal shrieks along with Casey to make this track feel pointed and terrifying. As the record closes on "You Always Win" Casey turns to a more repugnant side of his voice to build a more cold and reserved track of frustration.

Gil Saint - Risqué Joy (Ottawa)

As a small-scale reflection of the power an emcee can bring under different producers, Gil Saint is a true local chameleon of a performer. The smooth and ambient tones of "Ballcap" bring an R. Kelly like suave emotion out while Saint paints lovely pictures with his lyricism. Though Saint's performance on "Infrared is a fun and dynamic take on his material, the song's constantly stagnant production keeps it from standing out. "Monica" however blends such a flourish-heavy production style that Saint is riding high on the sounds and playing in the strange rhythms. Showing the darker side of the hip hop fantasy "The Life" is a haunting story with its ethereal sounds, while the occasionally over-extended writing can feel a little redundant at certain points.

Melody's Echo Chamber - Bon Voyage (Paris)

Six years ago, Melody Prochet brought amazing psych-rock with the right touch of French-pop, and then an accident put all future music into question. After a long wait however, Prochet's latest LP is a fiercely ambitious beast with weird changes of pace and fun hip hop fusion. Though there's a dense hit of instrumentation on "Cross My Heart" that evolves Prochet's previous music, it's truly the bizarre directions and weird vocal breaks that makes htis song fun. Sharp melodies set "Breathe In, Breathe Out" up as a frantic and mesmerizing listen, and one that keeps the focus tight for a constantly invigorating song. Showing so much from the outset "Quand Les Larmes D'un Ange Font Danser La Neige" keeps changing its center to make for an ambitious song with narration, shocking instrumental breaks and a constant charm. The oldest track "Shirim" is still a fiery listen, with loud beats, amazing guitar tone and some sharp funk grooves.

L.J.P.  - The Let Down  (Ottawa)

With its immediate pace, "It Takes Two" mixes moody overtones with a rushing bass to make for a track constantly on the edge of a big release. With its simple and lo-fi synths, "Stronger" charges out with the spirit of "Assault On Precinct 13" in its bones, for a mystifying listen. As the enigmatic sound work and powerful guitar work come to a head on "All We Got Is Hope" the pained vocals really play around in the wash of sound. This morphs into a dance energy on "Getting By?" where the guitars gain an intoxicating swing to round out the album with a lush energy.

Calpurnia - Scout (Vancouver)

Though Calpurnia features Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard, their latest record prove the group is a powerhouse team. Through their mix of classic riffs subverted into strong and interesting pop, the band make a familiar record that stands out. The comedic lyrics of "Wasting Time" joke about how great a fast and thoughtful partner can be while the hooks make sure you'll never forget the words. Punk energy rocks through "Louie" after a slow beginning, and soon find Calpurnia expanding their sound wider and wider. Calpurnia get as close to Mac DeMarco as possible on "City Boy" without stepping on his style, for a track that is sweet charm and some stellar melodic grace. "Blame" even brings some brass to the record for a more mysterious and echo-heavy track.

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