Arts & EventsBe part of the Japan Festival and fall in love with its culture!

Be part of the Japan Festival and fall in love with its culture!

Be part of the Japan Festival and fall in love with its culture!

Photos by Andre Gagne

The Embassy of Japan is organizing “Japan Festival” October 15th at the Horticulture Building in Lansdowne Park. Indulge yourself in Japanese culture through an exciting line-up of local and visiting performers all the way from Japan. Experience a diverse range of cultural activities. Explore many products and services at interactive information booths. Savor delightful delicacies, including the national beverage “sake”. It will be an exciting and unforgettable experience! Come in Japanese traditional clothing (kimono, yukata, jinbei, etc.) for a chance to win a prize! There will also be a chance for all visitors to win a trip to Japan!

There will be Kendo, Laido and Jodo demonstration as well as Japanese traditional dance and cooking demonstration. Taiko drumming, Karate, Choral, Sumi-e painting, paper cutting, music and martial arts performances will be part of the event.

The country Nippon (known to most as Japan) is an archipelago that has about 126 million inhabitants, being the second most populous country in Asia. Japan is one a country with one of the largest life spans in the world. The average lifespan of people is 80 years and it is estimated that to date 18,000 Japanese have reached more than 100 years.

Its name means "origin of the sun” which is why the country is considered the Land of the Rising Sun.

Many Japanese customs are governed by the relationship of harmony between man and nature because they believe that the individual is fused with the universe, that integrates it peacefully and that it should never try to dominate it.

Upon arriving in this country you will notice several of the habits that are handled there are practically opposite to those practiced in the West. For example, it is essential to take off your shoes when entering a Japanese house. This custom is also respected in bars, restaurants, temples and other tourist sites even though at present it depends on each household and individual.

According to traditional behavior patterns, in Japan, it is not well seen to kiss and hug in public. In the same way, the pat on the back, caresses, and certain gestures that the West consider a sign of affection, in the East is considered bad education. Nor is it common to find young couples holding hands. However, in the last decades, the corporal approaches are allowed a little more.

There are many superstitions in Japan that are, of course, respectable. One of them is regarding numbers, especially the number four and nine. While the first one means death, the second one means suffering. On the other hand, salt is a sign of good luck for the Japanese, quite the opposite in the countries of Latin America

The Japanese’s work strikes are also very particular because they consist of working double to cause losses to the company, as they overproduce and the product remains unsold.

When it comes to hierarchies, protocol, and social norms, Japan leads the list. It is common for Japanese to exchange business cards. For men, they are big and for women, a little smaller. The protocol states that if you receive one, you should look at it carefully, repeat the name of the person who gave the business card to you and not save it until the conversation is over. If you are the one delivering the card, you must give it to the person so that she or he can read it easily, with the data up, and ensure that it is in good condition. Young people or people of lower rank must give them before the oldest.

In Japan, the social protocol indicates that when getting in a car the oldest person should enter first and they should sit next to the window. The youngest person is the last person to get out of the car.

Since the beginning the 20th century, it is a belief that the blood type of each person determines their qualities and defects. The market has now launched products based on blood information.

Japan is famous for the Manga (or comics). Stories become so popular that they can be produced for television and anime films. 

In few words, Japan is synonymous with spirituality, development, uprightness, respect and, suddenly, eccentricities and curiosities that will surprise you for sure!

Be part of the Japan Festival and let yourself be surprised with everything Japan has prepared for you!

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