Best PicksChic Choc: 100% Canadian Spiced Rum

Chic Choc: 100% Canadian Spiced Rum

Chic Choc: 100% Canadian Spiced Rum

From the rugged Chic Choc Mountains in Quebec, the newly Chic Choc Spiced Rum is unique in its category. This 100% Canadian rum is the first-ever spiced rum infused with a bouquet of indigenous spices from the northern Quebec. It is ideal to sample and share with friends and relatives.

Made from three to eight years old rum and a mix of Quebec Nordic spices, this spicy herbal nectar will surprise and delight any discerning palate.

COLOUR:  Amber, brilliant and slightly coppery, recalling caramel and honey.

NOSE: Displays a spicy Nordic bouquet with hints of sugar cane and cinnamon, accented by a peppery character.

MOUTH: Round, balanced with a rich texture, it offers up notes of orange peel, ginger and Nordic spices. A supple attack gives way to a long, warm and pleasing finish.

HOW TO SERVE IT: On ice, alone, with a lime quarter or in a classic or modern-style cocktail.

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