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Conquer That Clutter!

Conquer That Clutter!

Life is full of clutter. From paperwork to clothing, we outgrow all of the things we simply don’t need anymore, and it doesn’t take long for all that excess stuff to threaten to take over the house. The trouble is, who wants to (or can!) find the time to deal with all of that clutter? Who wants to gather it all up, only to have to cart all of that trash to the dump? No one. Companies like are the solution to garbage disposal that Ottawa residents have been looking for.

With garbage disposal companies, all you have to do is gather up the stuff you don’t need. They will deliver a garbage bin or dumpster right to your driveway so you can toss your trash right into it. The best part is this: once the bin is full or you have no more trash to toss, the company comes back to your house and takes it all away!

Most of these companies’ services are designed to be an eco-friendly answer to your clutter problem. The bins come in a variety of sizes to meet the customer’s varying needs and, because you do not have to place your trash in bags, there is nothing to throw away. What about the trash itself, you ask? The garbage isn’t thrown away; it is recycled.

You may think that for the convenience of such a service you’ll have to pay through the nose. This is not the case. Although fees will vary by company and according to the size of the bin you rent, most of the time they are quite affordable. In some cases, you’ll pay a flat fee per day, other times you will be charged based on the size of the bin/amount of trash you are throwing away. Be aware of any hidden costs, always get the price quote in writing, and be sure to read carefully the terms and conditions presented to you by the company before you sign anything. The last thing you want is an unexpected amount on the invoice when it comes time to pay!

One other word about the pricing of garbage disposal services: Always choose a local company. There are so many of these companies around now, it can be tempting to just choose the first one you come across on Google. It’s important to consider the location of the business, though, because if they have to travel outside of their prescribed service area, they will likely charge an additional fee. And in many cases, this additional fee will be charged each time they have to travel to you, both to drop off the bin and to pick it back up for disposal. A company that is located in your immediate area won’t likely charge such a fee (but always ask, just in case).

If you are looking to get rid of excess trash, whether you are getting ready to move, doing some spring cleaning, or cleaning up after an event, renting a garbage disposal bin can be a convenient way to get rid of all of that trash without having to leave home.

Article by Vivian R. Smith. 

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