Best PicksDiscover Authentic Canadian Ungava Gin

Discover Authentic Canadian Ungava Gin

Discover Authentic Canadian Ungava Gin

Domaine Pinnacle, a leading producer of alcoholic beverages, makes Ungava Canadian Premium Gin in Quebec. Ungava is the very first authentic all-Canadian gin made with all-natural ingredients from the vast wilderness of the Canadian Arctic.

Its unique name comes from the vast, unspoiled region bordering Ungava Bay in northern Quebec. Ungava gin is a collaboration of rare arctic plants and herbs harvested by hand during the short summer season and then infused in the spirit.

Ungava Gin has a distinctively smooth flavour, like a wine which gets its character from the region where its grapes were grown, Pinnacle’s gin also comes from its northern botanical ingredients that consist of: Nordic Juniper, Wild Rose Hips, Cloudberry, Crowberry, Arctic Blend and Labrador Tea.

These wonderful northern plant ingredients also give Ungava Gin its powerful bright yellow colour, which sets it apart from all other gins. Ungava’s trademark colouring gleams through the elegantly designed clear glass of the spirit’s bottle.

Demonstrate your pride in Canadian heritage by enjoying an astonishingly smooth glass of Ungava’s Gin.

Ungava’s Gin is available across Canada, including the LCBO. For additional information please

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