Food & WineDiscover Wines from Portugal – Part 2

Discover Wines from Portugal – Part 2

Discover Wines from Portugal – Part 2

So last week we looked at some wines from Portugal in the above $11 category - and for some that's a great bargain... but this week we're gonna dip down below $10 for wines you would be more than happy to pay double for, if they were from other places in the world like France or California.

I'm gonna start you off with a wine for the guilty... if you think the wines I’m about to recommend are too inexpensive, then you can gladly and happily make up for it by picking up a bottle of Ramos Pinto Duas Quintas 2010 ($16.95 - #359893) – an eight-grape blended red that delivers generous fruit, all the while being light on the palate. This is a perfectly good sipper for those late-night get-togethers on the patio, when there’s a slight chill in the air and you need a warming, but not too heavy, red (***½).

QuartettoThere's a wine called Terra Boa ($7.75 - #590364) that's made with a funnily named grape called Baga; yes, there are other grapes in there with it, but Baga is the main one. Baga can be a strange-tasting grape and at times hard to drink but this one is smooth and sexy with some easy drinking-ness to it (***½).

But for my money, and that would be ten bucks worth of it, there's a wine that I simply insist you must try: Monte da Cal Quartetto 2010 ($9.25 - #253880) – nice red berries and subtle spice, but it's the red berries that just jump from the glass, grab your tongue and won't let go. It's quite simply delicious, looks smart on the table and tastes like it should set you back at least $25... so don't tell the producer that, because they’ll wanna up the price on you. For now, just go out and buy, buy, buy and have it on hand for company – and if you tell them it’s $10, they will be shocked – so you might wanna keep that to yourself (****).

Finally, one would be remiss if they did not mention at least one Port in two articles’ worth of recommendations about the wines from Portugal. My choice from the tasting I did last week comes from a very famous and consistent producer: Taylor Fladgate. Its 2007 Late Bottled Vintage Port is simply awesome, especially for the price ($17.95 - #046946). Sweet cherry and chocolate with just the right amount of spice that finishes this Port off so nicely. Now there will be those who talk about the sweetness of Port, but this one is more than a one-note sweetie; in fact, you'll be hard pressed to get past the fruit and spice to even think about the sweetness. That's because the wine is just so well balanced, and it's the acidity in a Port that makes or breaks it... and here it definitely makes it (****½).

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