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Feeling Your Pain

Dr. Hillel M. Finestone, an Ottawa doctor and specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Bruyère Continuing Care, Elisabeth Bruyère Hospital, is the author of a new book called The Pain Detective, Every Ache Tells a Story: Understanding How Stress and Emotional Hurt Become Chronic Physical Pain. Taking the reader into several diagnostic sessions to illustrate what he sees as a “detective” process to find the source of pain, Finestone explains how psychological and social issues can influence health and healing, for better or worse. Low back and neck pain, fibromyalgia and work-related pains are delved into as Dr. Finestone exposes the deficits in current thinking about “chronic pain” and refreshingly allows the reader to partake in patients’ health journeys. In addition, he offers realistic, practical solutions. Published by Praeger ABCCLIO
(US), The Pain Detective will be available at the end of September online at or

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