Best PicksGet Your Pet Howl-O-Ween Ready with Bad Tags

Get Your Pet Howl-O-Ween Ready with Bad Tags

Get Your Pet Howl-O-Ween Ready with Bad Tags

You may remember Bad Tags from our special Pet of the Week features with an adorable set of adoptable puppies from Freedom Dog Rescue. These tags were created by Cristen specially for Ottawa's own Freedom Dog Rescue with adorable messages like "Your Future BFF" or "Adopt Me". This month, Halloween lovers can bring their pet into their spooky celebrations with the new Bad Tags fall line up. Choose from a variety of humorous sayings like "Too Cute to Spook" and "Cute Little Devil", and customize it with your favourite colours to really make it stand out on your pup.

Halloween can be a very exciting or stressful day for your pet, so taking extra steps to keep your pet safe is important. With many monsters and witches lurking around, there is plenty of opportunity for your pet to get spooked or overly excited, which can lead to you and your pet getting separated. If you're not going out trick-or-treating, keeping your pet in a separate room while spooky little witches and monsters come to your door looking for candy can prevent them from bolting out the door. If your pet joins in on the fun and goes out with you in search of treats, making sure they have an identification tag on will help them get home in case they get lost. Bad Tags are made with a premium aluminum metal core with a special water coating to prevent damage. A glow-in-the-dark silicone ring is placed around the tag to make it easier to spot, and to reduce the annoying clanking noise tags make when your pet is moving around. Each tag can fit up to four lines of text on the back to include important information that can help them find their way home if they get lost. Forget those boring ID tags you can find at the store, and why not get adorable season tags to make their collar bling more exciting!

Get your kids in on the fun by letting them help get your pet get their costume looking good. HandsOn Gloves has kids sizing available so they can help their four-legged friend have beautiful brushed fur for the big haunting day. The gloves have little nodules that massage the skin while brushing out loose hairs, while gently massaging the skin to promote a shiny and healthy coat.

Be sure to check out the Bad Tags website to see their entire collection, which has more than 100 quirky sayings available year-round. Here's to another safe and fabulous Howl-o-ween! 

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