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SportsHealthwise: How to Counterbalance Overindulgence - Stress and Sleep Management Tips from Naturopathic Doctor Penny Kendall-Reed

Healthwise: How to Counterbalance Overindulgence - Stress and Sleep Management Tips from Naturopathic Doctor Penny Kendall-Reed

 Whether it is during Thanksgiving, Diwali, Christmas or any other celebration this festive season, everyone can use tips on how to counterbalance our tendency to overindulge.

Overindulgence can manifest itself in many ways. For many, the unbalance presents itself as lack of sleep, while for others it is overeating, or ingesting too much coffee and alcohol. For some, it is enduring sustained high levels of stress at work. Whatever the excess, it is important to make an effort to undo some of the damage such overtaxing can cause your body and mind. We should all strive towards making positive choices throughout the day.

Naturopathic doctor Penny Kendall-Reed shares her recommendations on balancing busy lifestyles, creating better sleep and maintaining a healthy weight.

First and foremost, Dr. Kendall-Reed reiterates important lifestyle choices, such as: eight hours of quality sleep; a balanced diet; learning to say no; spending time with family; disconnecting from technology; laughing; massage therapy; breathing meditation; and physical activity, all of which can reduce daily stress.

Having said this, not all stress can be eliminated or controlled and Dr. Kendall-Reed acknowledges that we all need a bit of help sometimes: “I wish I could say that we could deep-breathe our way through everything, but that is simply not true.”



Supplements to help balance a busy lifestyle

Probiotics: These are live microorganisms similar to the good bacteria that live in our gut. Probiotics help the stomach, liver and pancreas break down food and ensure that no undigested food remains in the bowel. Probiotics also help boost the immune system by crowding out bad bacteria and making it harder for illness to set in.

Daytime Stress Support: In stressful times, our body produces more cortisol. The increase of this stress hormone then affects every one of our systems. To help minimize the effects of stress on the body, Dr. Kendall-Reed recommends Jamieson’s Stress Support Day, which contains natural supplements such as lemon balm, and amino acids GABA and L-Theanine: these can help improve our body’s ability to regulate stress.

Nighttime Stress Support: According to Dr. Kendall-Reed, the right kind of sleep is what is important. The fourth stage of sleep is the most restorative. However, increased cortisol production due to stress means few of us ever reach this stage because cortisol blocks the production of melatonin, which allows us to achieve restful sleep. Jamieson’s Stress Support Night contains camomile, lavender and melatonin, all of which promote good quality sleep without creating dependency.

Omega fatty acids: Omega fatty acids help manage stress in the body by reducing inflammation. When we are stressed, depressed or anxious, we have lower levels of Omega-3 in our brain, which is why a supplement can be quite useful. Dr. Kendall-Reed recommends Jamieson’s Omega Red supplements (Krill or Salmon) because the oil is cold-pressed on the boat; therefore, the extraction maintains its purity and the antioxidant level in each capsule is high, rendering the supplement more effective.

Xanthitrim: There are no any quick fixes when it comes to weight management. However, some people who do maintain an active lifestyle and balanced diet still struggle with a few nagging extra pounds. To help eliminate this excess chub, Dr. Kendall-Reed recommends Xanthitrim by Pure. This supplement is a brown algae, pomegranate seed oil extract and a green tea extract. It helps to reverse lipogenesis, which is the formation of fat from food, and increases the rate of fat burning without any adverse side-effects.  Dr. Kendall-Reed also reiterates the importance of Omega fats, as they help to permeate the satiety center of the brain, thereby reducing cravings.

Most importantly, stay positive and focus on what you can control. Each choice has an effect on your health and well-being.

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