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How To Make A Small Garden Look Bigger

How To Make A Small Garden Look Bigger

Not everyone is blessed with a big garden, and sometimes it can be really challenging to make the most out of the space you’re given. When you have a smaller garden, it’s usually easier to neglect it, letting the weeds grow, the paving slabs mould and the grass turn an unpleasant shade of brown. It doesn’t have to be this way though, as there are many ways in which you can make your unassuming small garden appear to be magnificently large! The option of having decking is very popular, but you may feel like you’re taking up too much room. Don’t worry; we have all the tips you need:

Clutter Is A Massive No-No!

If you want to create the illusion of a bigger garden, having clutter here, there and everywhere is possibly the worst approach to take. It’s paramount that you completely declutter your garden, throwing out every item that you aren’t utterly in love with. It can be difficult at first, but once you’ve parted with the unnecessary items, you have a foundation for the rest of your garden planning. Keeping small items such as a few plants pots, or a foldable table and chair set will keep your garden looking exciting while optimizing space to make the garden look bigger than it actually is.

Allocate Specific Garden Zones

True, you won’t have enough space to have numerous garden zones, but even a couple will make your garden appear larger. The logic behind this tip is that the more spaces that your garden occupies, the bigger it must be, right? Having one large seating area will make you garden look small, but if you have a smaller seating area as well as a hot-tub area, suddenly your garden will seem larger as it’s fitting more in! You do need to find a middle-ground though, as too many zones will lead back to that number one principle – no clutter!

Create A Pathway

When you have a pathway with a mysterious destination on the other side, immediately your garden will appear bigger. Why is this, though? Well, if you see a road disappearing off into the landscape, you’ll immediately assume that you’re in a bigger area, because there’s clearly something at the end of that long, winding pathway. If possible, try to make this pathway slightly curved, as not only will this physically make the pathway longer, but I will also help you to make the end of the pathway covered, enhancing the illusion of a bigger garden.

Scale Everything Accordingly

This is such a crucial step to making your small garden appear bigger. When you have a seating area in your garden for example, you should opt for a plant that scales down to the size of that table. If you were to place a giant plant on a table that takes up more than half of the surface, you’re immediately making that area appear small and consequently the rest of your garden. They do say less is more, and this is definitely the case when wanting to make your garden space seem luxurious and grand.

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