Arts & EventsIndia: a country that inspires and impacts!

India: a country that inspires and impacts!

India: a country that inspires and impacts!

There is no other country like India. Find out for yourself when the High Commission of India in Ottawa invites all residents and visitors to the Horticulture Building in Lansdowne Park September 29 to learn more about this colorful country full of incredible contrasts.

Many countries may be indifferent to you, other countries you have slight memories, some pictures or information. India, meanwhile, seduces you and leaves you marked. It is a country that requires time and information. If you don´t know anything about it, you won’t understand the magic of its culture.

The cultural shock that such a country provokes is not found by many other countries in the world, at least not at that level. When you are studying, for instance, cross-cultural negotiation or cross-cultural business, this is one of the most relevant cases to study. It is the seventh largest country in the world and has twenty-eight states of various sizes. It is also considered the largest democracy in the world and the second most populous country with more than 1200 million of inhabitants. It is estimated that in 2021 it will be the most habited country surpassing China.

Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism were born there. When it comes to religion and population, there is a common mistake. Many people get confused by calling people Hindus when they want to refer to the population. Hindu is for the believers of Hinduism. There are as many religions as deities. Around 330 million deities, but the most important are Brahma (Creation), Vishnu (conservation) and Shiva (destruction). It is one of the countries with the largest number of mosques in the world since there is a large number of believers in Islam.

Many religions, many deities but also many languages. Hindi and English are the official languages, although 22 languages are also recognized.

Cows also play a major role in this country. They are a sacred animal, so it is forbidden to sacrifice them. They live freely throughout the country and are often found everywhere. However, the tiger and the peacock are both symbols of the national animal.

The Indian Railways is very famous. It has more than 1.6 million employees becoming one of the most hard-working companies in the world.  When it comes to railroad tracks, this is the fourth country after Russia, China, and the United States.

When speaking of India, it is essential to highlight its leadership in mathematics and computing. After the United States, this is the second largest community of programmers, and one of the largest exporters of computer software, exporting it to 90 countries.

What is more, it has the second largest number of engineers and scientists in the world.

Not only chess, algebra, and trigonometry have their origins there but also Yoga, which is estimated to have existed even 5000 years ago.

Omitting the culinary delights of India would be impossible. Colorful plates, all full of different flavors. Its dishes, like the vast majority of things in this country, are full of amazing contrasts!

India's gastronomic culture is rich, and not only in its non-vegetarian variant.  Some may have the belief that, in a country with an overwhelming majority of vegetarians, its cuisine is limited or boring, but nothing is further from reality. The varieties of each dish are both delicious and endless.

Cereals like the well-known basmati rice as well as wheat are the basis of their food. Bread is also important. The best known are the chapatti - made with whole wheat flour and cooked well in the oven; the naan - made from white flour with yeast, milk and baked in the oven that accompanies with garlic or cheese; or the pappad - a crèpe of lentil flour very seasoned and that can be fried or not.

The curry and spicy or non-spicy spice places give flavor and color to your dishes. Drinks, sauces, and desserts are indispensable to try them at least once in your life.

Everything is, in the end, an unforgettable experience called India.

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