Homes & NeighbourhoodsManual Vs Automatic: Which Neighbourhood Garage Door Service Is Safer?

Manual Vs Automatic: Which Neighbourhood Garage Door Service Is Safer?

Manual Vs Automatic: Which Neighbourhood Garage Door Service Is Safer?

Many homeowners planning to get a garage door are confused about whether a manual or automatic door would best serve their security needs. Technological advancements seemed to have made an automated system the easy choice; but it’s also wise to compare and weigh other less obvious factors before jumping to a conclusion.

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If you have a manual garage door, consider switching to an automatic neighborhood garage door service. This may not be as 

The garage door home improvement requires a more technical approach, and therefore a step-by-step guide.  The first thing you need to be absolutely clear about is that an automatic garage door can only be installed by true professionals.

Your manual door might have been installed by the local technician in your neighborhood, but that’s probably possible because the reinforcements that make it stand firm is of great quality.

In the final analysis, you’ll need to consider these factors to make the right comparisons and then a decision between a manual and an automatic garage door installation for your property.


Whichever option you choose to go for between a hand-operated or mechanical door; you cannot easily DIY the installation. A local technician with some expertise may help install a manual garage door for you, but it certainly will require a higher level of professional expertise and cost to properly install an automatic garage door.

And after installation, maintaining the automatic garage door will be different from how a manual garage door will be taken care of. Since the automatic garage doors are delicate, they need extra care to avoid rust, overlap, or the whole door skidding off its tracks.

Weather and other environmental factors

From January to December, the weather condition of a particular location tends to change from hot to cold, rainy to sunny and so on. The good news is that automatic neighborhood garage doors are typically resistant to adverse effects of unstable weather conditions.

However, the door appearance (and sometimes the performance) could be affected by certain chemicals that may not mix well with the door material type. You can wipe them off with a little water and soap from time to time to avoid such scenario.

Metal doors should always be lubricated to make opening and closing a lot easier. Wooden garage doors, on the other hand, need to be protected from damage by termites and heat wave with the right maintenance and treatment.

Door control

The need to be able to more conveniently manipulate the garage door, even at a distance, is the major reason why homeowners go for an automatic garage door. As Cory from Neighborhood Garage Door Service explained, “About 90% of homeowners prefer the automatic garage door because it's easy and it's a delight for them to open and close it without any physical interference.

“Compare that to driving home to a manual garage door, in which case where there’s no one to help you, you’ll have to come out of the vehicle to manually open the door, get back into the car, and drive into the garage. Then you step out of the garage again after stopping your automobile and then pull down the door to close it again.”

But another factor to think about is that there could be an emergency situation where a garage door goes off track or doesn't align with the sensors; you will need a qualified technician from a professional garage door company to expertly fix it. And even when you have issues with opening and closing, you may end up causing more damage when you try to repair the issue yourself.

But with a manual garage door, you can easily make the necessary amends yourself or with the help of a local garage door apprentice.


Whether consciously or subconsciously, we are all always influenced in some way by the aesthetics appeal of a product before we make a final buying decision.  And garage doors are in no way an exception, particularly as it can dramatically add or subtract from the beauty of the property exterior.

 "Many people want their house to look modern, regardless of when it was built. That's why they opt for automatic garage door. But there's almost no difference in the looks. Quality and safety should be paramount in the minds of homeowners" said Johnny, a home security professional. 

Cost of installation and maintenance

It costs a lot more to buy and install an automatic garage door, compared to a manual door. This is partly because it takes a higher level of professional know-how to erect an automated garage door system, and the tools used for the project are heavy and costly as well. And of course, you will pay more for the professional service.

But a manual garage door won't cost you so much to install. Most of the tools for the work are wooden, and simply need a carpenter or local technician to sit the door well.

Also, maintaining a manual garage door will cost you less than an automatic garage door. Professional garage door companies will even ask for a price if they have to inspect your garage door to detect any issues and try to fix it. But there are some do-it-yourself kits that homeowners who are trying to save money purchase to help them maintain their garage door themselves. But no matter the door maintenance you choose, ensure that the technicians are clear on what they need to do.

If you wish to save money professional costs on your garage door, you can also request that they give you a few maintenance and DIY tips and make sure to note down important points on a piece of a paper.

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