Best PicksOn the Road with the Soundcast VG1

On the Road with the Soundcast VG1

On the Road with the Soundcast VG1

What’s better than on-the-go music? Music that is not only portable, but durable, waterproof and best in its class! With it’s rugged design, Soundcast's VG1 portable speaker can go wherever you go, no matter where you are. Whether you are hiking, a road trip, or, thanks to it’s waterproof casing, at the pool, the VG1 is the perfect lifestyle companion to make sure you have music with you while on the go.

We took the VG1 for a spin on a roadtrip down to the states and could not get over how great the sound was from such a small speaker! Set up took mere seconds before the whole car was filled with a clear, beautiful sound! The speaker allows you to stream hi-definition audio straight from your phone via Bluetooth connection, or plug in any audio source via 3.5mm mini jack. Better yet, pair two VG1 speakers together to get the ultimate dedicated left/right playback via Bluetooth. No matter how you choose to get your groove on, expect only clear audio and an impressive bass response despite its portable size. 

Even when we were driving on bumpy roads, the VG1 held its own and took any falls or bumps like a champ. The VG1 is incased in a tough outer shell which keeps it secure against accidental drops and bumps. It also has an IP rating of IP67, which means it can survive being submerged up to 1m underwater for a short period of time and that the inside is completely sealed from dust. It also has an insane battery life despite its size. During our trip, Soundcast's VG1 kept the music going for over seven hours straight without us needing to plug it in. It has such an incredible battery life that no matter where you are the VG1’s impressive high-capacity lithium-ion rechargeable battery can play up with 15 hours of your favourite tracks depending on the volume you keep it at, and whether you are streaming wirelessly or connected. It is also capable of working as a hands-free speakerphone where you can give commands to Siri, or even use it in conference calls.

Whether you're looking to bring music with you on a camping trip, or just want to hang out by the pool, the VG1 is the perfect portable speaker for your everyday adventures! 

The Soundcast VG1 can be purchased online at

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