Arts & EventsOpera Lyra’s Barber of Seville : Clear-Cut Case of Greatness

Opera Lyra’s Barber of Seville : Clear-Cut Case of Greatness

Opera Lyra’s Barber of Seville : Clear-Cut Case of Greatness

Photo courtesy of Opera Lyra.

When it comes to opera, The Barber of Seville is a fun, light, entertaining singing sensation.  Gioachino Rossini’s compositions are recognizable to many, in part, thanks to Bugs Bunny, and Opera Lyra’s current production of The Barber pays homage to that reality in a very funny way. That sets the tone for interpretation of the opera and from the opening scene, you know you are in for a fun evening.

The opera is set in a 1940’s movie studio in Seville, Spain and follows the love triangle of Count Almaviva who is in love with movie star Rosina. He arrives on set to serenade her but she does not bite.

Figaro, the effervescent barber arrives on the scene and chats it up with the Count who fills him in on his love for Rosina.  Figaro tells him the vile studio owner, Bartolo, a not-so-scrupulous kind of guy also has his eyes on Rosina, well, more accurately, her money.

Almaviva will stop at nothing to win and takes on various guises to get to Rosina, with the help of Figaro. Along the way, he bumps into Bartolo, who never clues in that the disguised Almaviva is actually the Count, and the amusing conversations that entail are entertaining. Bartolo for his part concocts ways to stop the real Almaviva from getting to Rosina. And lots of funny twists and turns occur but in the end all’s well that ends well.

In terms of performances, Isaiah Bell was riveting as Count Almaviva. Reminiscent of an operatic version of screen actor Eddie Redmayne, Bell is definitely one to watch.  Marion Newman who plays Rosina is also fantastic as is Peter McGillivray who brings Bartolo to life. While they are fantastic, Joshua Hopkins steals the show as Figaro.  He perfectly captures  the clever, playful, devilish nature of Figaro.  He lights up the stage.

The set and costumes of this fully-staged production are also impressive.

There is only one show left, on Saturday night.  Grab tickets at

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