Best PicksOttawa Inventor Takes the Pain Out of Wearing Killer Heels With New Inserts

Ottawa Inventor Takes the Pain Out of Wearing Killer Heels With New Inserts

Ottawa Inventor Takes the Pain Out of Wearing Killer Heels With New Inserts

Georgeson and her 'inspiration boots.' 

Virve Georgeson is a self-proclaimed serial inventor. She has a gift for finding new ways to make household items work for her, creating practical inventions to make everyday life a bit easier. Like all great inventors, Georgeson saw a gap in the market for something needed, or rather felt one under her feet, when she tried on what she now calls her ‘inspiration boots.’

The pain Georgeson felt that day when putting on those beautiful boots is a pain familiar to many women: toe pinching, heel blistering, and that crestfallen feeling after realizing those perfect pumps will probably end up sad and alone, gathering dust in the closet.

In 2009, Georgeson was starting her career as a lawyer, and it was her professional wardrobe that inspired the first prototype for her Killer Heels Comfort high heel inserts. Conceived out of styrofoam, duct tape and pieces of a cereal box, the first inserts were lumpy and bumpy, but her feet weren’t sliding to the end of her boots anymore, and she could finally wear them without pain or discomfort.

For many women like Georgeson, heels are not just beautiful shoes, but an essential part of a professional wardrobe.

“As a female lawyer,” said Georgeson, “It’s nice if you could wear killer heels to court. It’s good to look professional and a little bit imposing, if you can pull it off.”

After years of testing and several iterations later, ditching the cardboard and styrofoam for better material, Georgeson left her family law practice last year to work on Killer Heels Comfort full-time, and believes she now has a product that is a step above her competition.

Acrylic Shoe model with Killer Heels Comfort inserts.
Acrylic Shoe model with Killer Heels Comfort inserts.

The defining factor of Killer Heels Comfort inserts is that they are completely customizable. They come in a two-piece per foot set. A template is provided that allows the wearer to measure the exact spot where both inserts should be placed in order to guarantee effectiveness.

Georgeson found that there were places between the foot and the shoe that could be used to hold ‘stoppers’ to prevent the foot from sliding forward or from side to side. When the foot slides forward it puts hundreds of pounds of pressure on the forefoot, especially the toes, with every step. Her inserts are specifically designed with a raised area to fit into the small gap under the middle three toes in front of the ball of the footconsequently anchoring the foot in place. According to Georgeson, anything you can do in a high heeled shoe that will help with preventing forward slide of the foot, while maintaining foot balance and stability will make for a much more comfortable experience.

“There is no other product out there made for high heeled shoe wearers that will stop the foot from sliding forward completely,” said Georgeson.

While researching for her product, she found that insoles are often too big, taking up too much space in an already cramped shoe. There are other inserts sold to be placed under the ball of the foot, or under the heel and midsection of the foot but the adhesive that supposedly allows the inserts to move from shoe to shoe also make them loosen from the insole under the pressure of the foot. The insert becomes loose and ineffective in providing comfort after a few uses.

The permanent position of the inserts is key. When you’re walking in your four-inch stilettos, you don’t want any part of that shoe to move separate from your feet.

“As a woman inventor, you have the familiarity with how the product is supposed to work, and that has been missing from many of the products that are out there now,” said Georgeson, who mentioned that during her research she also found that most patented products made for women’s high heels were not made by women at all.

“I feel I have made a more woman-friendly high heeled shoe insert, created by an actual wearer of high heels.”

Georgeson said she’s spent hundreds of hours walking in high heels, and with her invention she wants other women avoid the discomfort she suffered so many times before. She’s inviting other women now to take a walk in her shoes, or at least her inserts; heels may be a hassle no longer.

You can find Killer Heels Comfort high heel inserts in Ottawa at WOLF and Zed on Sussex, at Ottawa Shoelution on Slater, or you can order them online at

Also, check out the following video, it'll guide you step by step through your Killer Heels Comfort experience.

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