PoliticsPC Leader Patrick Brown Denies Participating in Sexual Misconduct

PC Leader Patrick Brown Denies Participating in Sexual Misconduct

PC Leader Patrick Brown Denies Participating in Sexual Misconduct

Patrick Brown has resigned as Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader in response to two allegations of sexual misconduct. The decision to step down has come just in time for the 2018 federal election on June 9th of this year.

In response to these allegations, Brown has released a statement declaring their falsehood.

In his statement, Brown declared his intention to stay on as a member of the provincial legislature while he works towards “definitively” clearing his name. The decision is the result of his consultation with Caucus, as well as with friends and family.

Brown expressed that “These allegations are false and have been difficult to hear” and that “defeating Kathleen Wynne in 2018” is far more significant than the allegations and the situations surrounding them. Brown released his statement at Queen’s Park and immediately left afterwards, refusing to take any questions. Afterwards, Brown’s senior staff released a statement announcing that Brown cannot continue as PC Leader after such allegations.

Brown has confidence in his party and caucus to elect a new leader with whom he says he looks forward to working. After serving as a Conservative MP representing the riding of Barrie for nine years, Brown won the PC leadership race in 2015.

In Brown’s statement, he announces that he had chosen to step down after consulting with friends, family, and caucus. However, Victor Fedeli’s statement released over twitter says otherwise:

“This evening, we learned of disturbing allegations leveled against Patrick Brown. The Ontario PC Caucus unanimously agrees that Mr. Brown cannot continue serving as the Leader. Mr. Brown is entitled to a legal defense and due process, but he cannot lead us into an election as a result of these allegations. The Ontario PC Caucus unequivocally upholds the principle that a safe and respectful society is what we expect and deserve. We need to move forward to eradicate sexual violence and harassment across the province. Our caucus will immediately consult with party officials and members on the best way to move forward to defeat the Wynne government in the 2018 election. We will not be diverted from our mission to ensure our strong team can share our message of change.”

The identities of the two young women that have come forward have not yet been revealed but have stated these allegations have occurred while working for Brown.

Stepping down was a necessity given the Conservative’s participation in the upcoming election. While these allegations of sexual misconduct do not have any direct correspondence with the party’s policy plans or the way the party functions, this is an issue in which the private meets the public. Brown is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but it’s hard to say whether he will ever regain his spot in politics ever again. Until then, Brown is dedicated to clearing his name.

“What has happened is disgusting and politically motivated” writes Stephanie Brown, his sister who defended Patrick Brown in a recent facebook post.

Brown’s younger sister has released an emotional Facebook post defending the former Progressive Conservative Leader. She states that what has happened to Brown is “disgusting” and “politically motivated”, and she thanks those who have reached out and shared their similar outrage. She emphasises her position as a strong feminist and that making these “false allegations” against her brother does not help the “feminist cause”.

It is clear that Stephanie Brown is dedicated to clearing the name of her brother. It’s hard to tell yet how much Patrick Brown’s career and reputation will benefit from this support. Determining the accuracy or inaccuracy of these allegations against her brother should be left to the legal professionals of Canada’s Legal System.

“I know them for a fact to be untrue” says Stephanie in response to the allegations. Unfortunately, Patrick Brown is going to need a lot more than his sisters emotional Facebook statement to be proven innocent.

The truth can only be revealed once these allegations are addressed where they should be, in a court of law.

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