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Homes & NeighbourhoodsStay Cool and Enjoy the View -- Krumpers Solar Solutions

Stay Cool and Enjoy the View -- Krumpers Solar Solutions

Stay Cool and Enjoy the View -- Krumpers Solar Solutions

Krumpers has found a way to give blinds even more purpose in your home. Its Climate Control Solar Blinds not only keep out any glare from the sun but maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

display and 019Summer is almost here, and as the reality of hot and humid days greets us, so do the air conditioning bills. People heating or cooling their homes with electricity are in for a nitro moment when they see their hydro bills.

Krumpers energy-efficient solar blinds not only reduce these bills, but also block out harmful UV rays and keep the home comfortably cool on warm summer days. “The blinds protect you from UV rays, cold infiltration and heat loss in the winter, and heat gain in the summer, saving you money. Once the blinds are on glass, they are transparent,” says Diana Livshits, owner of Krumpers Solar Blinds. “You can enjoy the view, and have control over your home’s temperature.”

Windows are the weakest link in any building, causing the greatest source of heat loss and heat gain. Krumpers Solar Blinds are a unique Canadian product, which allow for an unobstructed view while the dual modular design allows for winter/ summer climate control.

The Krumpers web site has many testimonials from satisfied clients. “My apartment is 100 per cent heated with electricity and during the coldest months of the year my usage dropped by 45 per cent! Above and beyond the energy savings, the ongoing temperate comfort during cold periods and during heat waves is worth every penny of this truly “climate control” solution,” writes one client.

Another client, who had blinds installed in August 2009, has experienced the Krumpers difference through both the winter and last year’s heat wave. “We can’t tell you how much we love them; they’re far better then we ever expected. They’re a fantastic investment.” And another satisfied Krumpers’ client reports that once the blinds were installed the temperature in the home dropped from 103°F to 75°F.

1146680_716627421696278_556853271_n[1]The blinds cost $32 per square foot, including installation, and have a fiveyear hardware and material warranty. The blinds require only a wet cloth to wipe off dust and dirt.

Krumpers also has engineered solutions for skylights. “People just aren’t aware of the options and how financially prudent Krumpers’ solar solutions can be.”

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