Best PicksStylish Safety with invisaWear

Stylish Safety with invisaWear

Stylish Safety with invisaWear

We have smart phones, smart cars and smart watches, next in line is invisaWear, a newly developed form of smart jewellery that doesn’t only add a little style to your wardrobe, it may also save your life.

Redefining personal protection, invisaWear is a discreet way to call for help that is disguised in the form of a stylish bracelet, necklace and even key chains. Concealed inside is a device that calls for help at the push of a button, it's a quicker alternative to finding your phone and making a call.

Recent statistics state that 1 in 5 women report experiencing an assault in their lifetime. invisaWear CEO Rajia Abdelaziz discovered this fear firsthand when, as President of the Society of Women Engineers at her college, she began to notice an attendance decrease as the days grew darker earlier in the fall and winter months. When she asked why members weren’t coming to meetings she was told that many felt uncomfortable walking at night, worried about what they had seen on the news or read in the papers.

Thinking of solutions, she first thought pepper spray would help but realized that could be turned against her by would be attackers. Looking for something less likely to stick out all she could find were large panic buttons or whistles, certainly not devices utilizing what technology has to offer these days. She read that 80% of 911 calls come from mobile phones but was shocked to discover most of these can’t be precisely located. Unsatisfied with these options, Rajia merged many of these ideas into something women would want to wear while feeling secure. This senior year class project would go viral on campus and eventually turn into a full time job.

“We created invisaWear to give peace of mind to women walking alone back to their cars, aspiring young ladies on college campuses, and anyone who wants to protect themselves and the people they love,” says Rajia.

It works using a Bluetooth low energy connection paired with your smartphone that can connect within 30 feet. Once initiated, your emergency contacts will be sent a text message (1) informing them you are in an emergency situation. A link will be sent with up-to-date GPS information on how they can locate you. The police feature will connect your emergency contacts with the nearest 911 dispatchers.

“Many times getting into a taxi or walking in a garage, I call someone I know to tell them my exact location so they know where to find me if something happens... With invisaWear, I won’t have to bother anyone, I can rest assured that if something were to happen, I can always get help,” says Caitlin, an invisaWear customer.

Those not wanting to stick with the same piece of jewellery can interchange the device with various customized pieces that fit into the user’s daily life. invisaWear works internationally and runs on a 1 year battery. Using the same state of the art tech found in smart cars, tests have shown that users receive “more effect response times by 1-5 minutes,” says CTO Ray Hamilton.

For many, like Andy who is ready, but worried, to send his daughter off to school, invisaWear offers peace of mind protection.

“I’m excited that my daughter is going off to college but I’m also nervous and want to make sure she’s always protected. This product looks like actual jewelry so she can wear it everyday as part of her outfit and be connected all the time.”

(1) Note, text messaging functioning is currently not available outside of the US but makers hope to have it activated by the time the product ships in the summer. 

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