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Summertime Sipping

Summertime Sipping

Ahh! Nothing is more refreshing than the taste of a cool drink on a hot summer day. Whether you are sitting on a patio, lounging pool side or in the backyard with some friends, these new offerings will be sure to hit the spot!

I&G_LR - Melville's_500mlHow does a craft lager made with top notch ingredients sound? Barley, hops, yeast, water and ginger are the magical ingredients that make up Melville’s Ginger Beer. Brought to you by Scotland’s favourite independent brewery Innis & Gunn, this beer is a light and citrusy choice with a big kick! Natural stem ginger is slowly infused into the brew, creating a bold, spicy flavour with a fresh taste. That’s right: 100 per cent real ginger with no artificial flavours or essences. Melville's prides itself on small batches, slow brewing and real ingredients. This new ginger beer measures up to the quality of the Melville's name.

4639 SAVANNANot a big beer fan? Do not worry; this is the summer of ciders! Savanna Dry Cider is the world’s third most selling cider—and for the first time ever, now available in Canada. This cider differentiates itself from all the others on the shelves because of its distinctively dry flavour. Get ready to say so long to the sweet ciders of the past.

Savanna Dry Cider is triple filtered and double chilled, making for a smooth and crisp beverage when you need to cool down from the summer sun. It is also wheat, GMO and gluten free—a drink for all! You will be pleased with the apple aroma and hints of citrus as you pop in a lemon wedge and enjoy this drink.

Let us know your favourite summer drinks!

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