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Time to Refresh

Haven't done your spring cleaning yet? Here are some tips to help you clean that clutter, thin out the wardrobe and stow the dry goods.



Trays, trays, trays are the answer. By grouping all the little stuff together, it makes things neater, tidier and visually more appealing. Colourful soap bottles grouped together on a tray by the sink makes them easy to access, especially for kids.



Remove all the clothes from your closet that you no longer wear for whatever reason. Be they subjects of buyers’ remorse, items that don’t work with your wardrobe, or, you know, things that just don’t fit anymore. Take inventory. Do any items need new zippers? What about hems, seams and stitching? Do they need work? If so, enlist a tailor or seamstress to fix these garments.



Purge your bookshelves. Consider what you really want to keep and what actually has to be on display. For a decorative effect, paint the back of your bookcase a contrasting paint colour or add some wallpaper to spice it up. For an alternative to vertical stacks of books, change it up with some horizontal groupings.



Clear out your bathroom vanity of expired, overused, or unused cosmetics and creams. Keep only the essentials.



Declutter your kitchen cabinets. Are there too many appliances that you never use? Dishes that are chipped? Too many flower vases? If you wish to get really organized, find clear containers to organize your dry goods and label them. It is blissful to open your cabinets and find everything easy to find and neat and tidy.



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