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Tulip Festival Now in Bloom

Tulip Festival Now in Bloom

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Go back to the Second World War, here, in Canada, when Princess Juliana of the Netherlands donated over 100,000 tulips as a symbol of gratitude for the help Canada provided the Dutch during this period. For its part, when the Dutch gave birth her third child Margriet, the Parliament of Canada passed a special law declaring Princess Julian´s rooms at the Ottawa Civic Hospital to be Dutch territory so that the infant would have exclusively Dutch, and not dual, nationality. Here, tulips are more than flowers; tulips are the representation of Canadian kindness and hospitality.

Those are the roots of the Canadian tulips, which now are part of the Canadian Tulip Festival, one of the largest of its kind in the world. Within the framework of this event, Canada makes a tribute to all Canadian veterans and servicemen, the role of the Canadian troops in the liberation of Europe, and symbol of international friendship and peace (since 1953).

Tulips are desired, grown, or exported to all corners of the world, due to the beauty and diversity of colors of its flowers, which can range from red to pink, to yellow, white, blue, purple, orange, fuchsia, among others. In fact, there are more than 150 species of tulips around the world, not counting the hybrids. They are six-petalled flowers, large and globose, and bell-shaped. Tulips are bulbous root and smooth stem plants. They have large, lanceolate leaves and its flower is born at the top of the stem during spring.

Friday, at a special celebration on the Festival’s opening night, festival guests witnessed the recognition to those who have been instrumental in ensuring the successful of the Festival over the last number of decades. They are called the Order of the Tulip. This year, personalities of the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce were awarded with a special tulip pin and a certification.

The Canadian Tulip Festival has done huge work when it comes to networks as it has been able to contact industries, companies, communities, groups, countries and gardens not only across Canada but also in the world. For instance, they participate in the list of Tulip Friendship Countries, which aims to contribute to the construction of the world peace through the creation of Peace Gardens. Some of the International Peace Gardens are Mexico, USA, Poland, Germany, Hungary, France, Slovenia, South Africa, Costa Rica, Ukraine, Greece, among others.

But if this were not enough, The Canadian Tulip Festival brings together the 7th World Tulip Summit Society and welcomes “the tulip world to Ottawa...and the 15th Anniversary of the first Summit in celebration of the Festival’s 65th Anniversary” this October 5 to 7, 2017. Countries such as Turkey, Netherlands, France, Japan, Australia, UK, USA, Belgium, Germany, Austria, South Korea, China, India, Italy, Sweden, and Uzbekistan are members of this Summit.For this year, The Canadian Tulip Festival has four official sites to have an unforgettable tulip moment.

Visit the Canadian Tulip Festival to know more about its events such as Mother´s Day Brunch, the Annual Canadian Tulip Festival Swing Dance, Petal Pedal, Phoenix Big Band Bash to Fight Cancer, Fireworks, and much more.

Enjoy the Tulip Festival from May, 12 to May, 22, 2017 in its 65th Edition!

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