HealthUpRise: your best choice in Ottawa to be fit!

UpRise: your best choice in Ottawa to be fit!

UpRise: your best choice in Ottawa to be fit!

When it comes to being fit, there are many ways to achieve it. Much of them promise you extraordinary results overnight which can be questionable and, as if this were not enough, it all comes at a very high cost. UpRise Fit in Ottawa (175B Lisgar St.), is not one of these quick-fit-fixes. They offer “personal training and group classes that allow you to achieve your personal goals safely and within a realistic timeframe.”

Of course, you could also attend a traditional gym where you can easily spend a lot of time running or doing exercises with “sophisticated” machines. However, you probably won’t have a coach or trainer who tells you if you are doing well or whether or not you need to improve the way you do the exercises so as not to hurt yourself.

They will tell you that “coaches are right beside you every step of the way” to achieve your goals.

In a increasingly accelerated world, it is very inefficient to spend so much time in the gym when you have more alternatives that allow you to achieves your others purposes during the day: at work, with your family, or friends. UpRise offers you efficiency to have balance in each scenario.

Yes, it is true that you could exercise at home. You could even decide to do nothing, but none of this would be fun and challenging as what UpRise Fit can offer you by attending their sessions. According to their website,the training programs they offer "are personalized and based on individual fitness goals, training interests and schedules" because, as they say, "{none of us have identical training goals.”

Another reason to recommend them is that they work from the inside out. This principle means that you do not need more than yourself and your physical/mental resistance along with your positive and open mind to be fit and healthy. You get the motivation there! They give you impulse and enthusiasm during the 45 minutes or one full hour of class. Their trainers and staff are always willing to help you according to your needs at your pace and, of course, they are body positive. UpRise Fit's clients will discover how to leave negative behind and be able to consistently look back and see how far they have come. 

More importantly, doing exercise is not tedious or painful. They'll tell you that “personal training and group sessions are fun and unpredictable" because no two sessions are the same. They achieve this by ensuring that "exercises and sequences ... challenge every athletic level while making sure you’re moving towards your goals.”

Photo by Rob Little

UpRise's policy is that they are always open to hear from you and will take into account your feedback. At the end of each class, depending on which one you've taken, your trainer always sends you an email in which you can review your experience. This a way to ensure that you will always have a good experience and that your concerns and comments will always be taken into account?

This is a community of like-minded individuals keen on lifting each other up, and becoming the best version of ourselves that we can be – together.

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