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Wanderlust: The Benefits of Yoga

Wanderlust: The Benefits of Yoga

Photo courtesy of Jake Laub

The upcoming Wanderlust Festival at Mont-Tremblant is the perfect destination for all the yogis out there.

Photo courtesy of Ali Kaukas
Photo courtesy of Ali Kaukas

Whether you are working on perfecting that headstand or looking to dip your toes into something challenging and new, what could go better with a downward dog than a scenic mountain view?

Wanderlust is offering yoga classes taught by some of the most highly sought after, world-renowned instructors – certainly an opportunity worth jumping, or sun saluting, for!

The benefits of consistent yoga practice are truly endless. With the inherent ability to customize a yoga practice to your skill level and needs, yoga nourishes the mind, body and soul.

The ways in which you move, stretch and hold poses in yoga encourages flexibility. Improving upon flexibility is key in preventing and healing chronic body pain that often comes with age. The best part is, regardless of your current flexibility level, you can move at your own pace and surprise yourself with how quickly your flexibility improves with consistent yoga practice.

Many yoga poses require you to support your own body weight in new ways, such as balancing on one leg or supporting yourself with your arms. This allows your muscles to gain strength without bulking up, instead shaping long and lean muscles. As a result, you will begin to notice that toned look we are all after! Supporting your body weight in these ways will also help to improve balance.

Molly Pike
Photo courtesy of Molly Pike

Yoga has extensive mental benefits as well as physical benefits.

The way that yoga practice requires intent concentration on what your body is doing alongside deep breathing allows you to disconnect from the details and aggravations of daily life. This mental calmness and relaxation you achieve in yoga is well worth the physical exertion. Yoga is also a great stress reliever, and as we know, it is incredibly important to keep stress to a minimum for our physical and mental wellbeing.

At Wanderlust, you’ll have the opportunity to challenge yourself in classes such as AcroYoga and, for the guys out there, Yoga for Dudes!

Wanderlust is all about encouraging yogis to strengthen and revitalize the mind, body and soul with yoga. This really is a can’t-miss event!

How has yoga made a difference in your life? Let us know!

You can find more information and purchase your tickets here.

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