HealthWorld Cancer Day: a Fight For All

World Cancer Day: a Fight For All

World Cancer Day: a Fight For All

How many people die every year from cancer? How many theories have been raised every day trying to prevent any type of cancer? How many people despite the warnings do not do their medical checkup on time? How many people have been cured?

February 4TH was World Cancer Day to raise people’s awareness the disease and which has been part of the the campaign since 2000.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. From a scientific point of view, one third of all cancers can be prevented if you adopt healthy habits and control your weight. Another big part can be cured if the diagnosis and treatment is adequate and on time. 

There is no reason for people to continue to adopt a passive attitude. We should take a positive attitude, and especially be optimistic saying “I can” and “We can”. It can be said that in having a good attitude, people recognize they have tools to face cancer and, accordingly, they realize that a diagnosis does not necessarily mean death. Everyone who has cancer needs to understand that, even though it may be a difficult thing to comprehend. Since it entails an emotional crisis, it is important to give the best psychological treatment not only to the patient, but also to the whole family and their friends. 

After a patient is diagnosed, some experts have identified five possible phases that they may experience. The first one, the duel, is characterized by denial. People may say: “not me, not now”. Patients do not accept the new condition and they do not want to talk about it. The second stage is anger, in which that person tries to move away and blame his or her environment. The third phase is negotiation, a moment when the diagnosed person finds a solution insofar as a treatment is suggested and thus he or she wants to fight. The forth step is known as depression since the patient does not see any result or improvement and returns to isolation. But, in the fifth phase, recognized as acceptance, the diagnosed comes to terms with his or her condition and is able to talk about the illness, death and hope.    

Doing exercises, not smoking and getting vaccinated against viruses such as hepatitis B, C and HPV, as well as being alert, not consuming alcohol and eating healthy are some measures to combat cancer. At the same time, there are genetic conditions, age, sex and family history, as well as exposure to toxic and ultraviolet rays which are also directly related to cancer.

A strong alliance is needed between researchers, health-care professionals, patients, governments, industry partners, and the media to fight cancer in the world. They and all of us must be aware of the different types of cancer and how to prevent them or provide better treatment. 

Thanks to the multiple campaigns and the awareness within society against this dreaded disease, different symbols have been created to support or help promote different options that we should take into account to prevent the disease, or, in the worst scenario, to cope with it. These symbols have been created as a a way to recognize the struggle and effort of those who have suffered or are suffering from different types of cancers. For instance, the pink ribbon is a global symbol of breast cancer awareness, whereas the orange ribbon is associated with child cancer awareness. Likewise, the daffodil is a symbol of hope that people share for a future where cancer is no longer a life-threatening disease.

How we can prevent cancer in the future is by educating our children and adolescents in the present. How do we do that? Avoid a sedentary lifestyle by promoting an active life! Feed kids good food and teach them by example that cigarettes and alcohol are not healthy at all. Also, get them accustomed to having regular visits with their doctor.

To educate at an early age is just one of the possible ways to help prevent a possible future with cancer.

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