FashionYear in Review with Lisa Tant

Year in Review with Lisa Tant

Year in Review with Lisa Tant

It’s without question that Lisa Tant is a fashion insider. With over 16 years of publishing experience at Rogers working as the Editor-in-Chief at Flare and Chatelaine and as the Publisher at Hello!, Tant has become a recognizable name and one to follow. Tant has made the leap from magazines in the past year and has since signed on with luxury fashion retailer Holt Renfrew.  Even though she asks to not be called a ‘fashionista’ on her Twitter profile, it’s hard to imagine her being anything but just that.

OLM’s Fashion Editor Alexandra Gunn caught up with Lisa Tant to find out what Canada’s top fashion insider will be gifting this year and how she will spend her holidays.

OLM: Lisa, the Christmas season is a magical time of year for most Canadians. What are you most looking forward to?

Tant: I love to see all of the major movies that are going to be nominated for Academy Awards.  I will be seeing American Hustle, The Wolf of Wall Street and August Osage County. I go to a lot of movies. I love pop culture!


OLM: A few of those are on my list as well. Let’s talk about gift-giving because there are only a few days remaining.  What will you be gifting this year to family and friends?

Tant: I always look for things that are unusual and that I would really love myself, because most people already have so much because they’re in this business and they collect things along the way. I will be doing some of my shopping at Holt Renfrew. I really love the candle-holders from Fornasetti and anything from Lanvin – iPhone covers, tablet covers... there’s also a snow globe.  I love all of those. And of course, cashmere. We have cashmere in so many different colors and I think that’s such a lovely, soft, warm gift.


OLM: You live in Toronto, but will you be going home to Vancouver for the holidays?

Tant:  I won’t be going home to Vancouver as we just finished shooting our Spring catalogue. We spent about a week in Vancouver last month, so I’m going to be staying in Toronto.

OLM:  Yes, I saw some of the behind-the-scenes photos on Holt Renfrew’s and your Instagram newsfeed. The OLM fashion team is looking forward to the Spring/Summer fashions. Let’s get back to how you’ll be celebrating over the holidays. Is there a favorite dish that you like to cook?

Tant: I make the best reservations!  I do not cook (laughter). I can always be relied on to bring great chocolate to parties. My husband does all the cooking. He’s a really good hearty cook and he does a great traditional turkey.

OLM: Tradition is a wonderful thing. Will you be sticking with tradition on Christmas Day as well?

Tant: Yes, we’re very traditional in that way. We celebrate quietly at home with the three kids and our dog. And for New Year's Eve, we have friends who have an annual party so we will be going to that.

OLM: I’ve been waiting to ask… what will you be wearing on New Year’s Eve?

Tant: Something sparkly! That’s the plan. I always build all of my outfits from my shoes. I’m looking at wearing a sparkly pair of Manolo Blahnik’s and then I will build it up from there.


OLM:  When you look back on 2013, what are some of your fond memories?

Tant: This was my first year at Holt Renfrew. That was a fantastic introduction into that side of the business and we did some amazing photo shoots in Canada. We went to Montreal and Vancouver – they really stand out in my mind. It’s also always exciting to work with incredible models who are the top ten in the world. On the personal side, I went to Scandinavia for the first time in the summer. Going to Stockholm and Oslo was just incredible!

OLM: What’s in store for 2014?

Tant: I have a couple of trips that I’d like to do in 2014. I’d like to go to Hawaii and Hong Kong. Those are in the planning process right now, but looking ahead it’s mostly work and travel for me.


OLM: Do you have any NYE resolutions? What do you have in mind in terms of fashion resolutions for yourself?

Tant: In terms of fashion, I always say anything goes.  I’m not the kind of person who feels they need to be more adventurous or that I need more color. I do all of that. For me, it’s more about the attitude. It’s about living in the moment. Laugh harder, smile more, relax and then I guess, I should probably learn to cook! Realistically though… that’s not going to happen. It goes on the list every year, but I’m not holding my breath….

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