Parasites—and their role in a healthy society—to be explored at Canadian Museum of Nature’s NatureTalks

April 16, 2014 1:13 pm

What first comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘parasite’? Many would agree that images of insects, bacteria and squirmy, unidentifiable objects consume their thoughts. A parasite is defined as an organism that lives on or in an organism of another species, known as the host, from the […]

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From Vision to Reality: Construction is underway for Aquatopia

10:02 am

(Left to right): Catherine Neville, Mayor Jim Watson, March Ward Councilor Eli El-Chantiry, Nicholas Bott, Bruce Firestone Mayor Jim Watson and March Ward Councilor Eli El Chantiry were on hand yesterday, April 15th for the soil-turning ceremony of Aquatopia in Carp. Coming this July, Aquatopia will be the largest public […]

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Backyard Biodiversity: The Second Session in the Wildlife Speaker Series Is On Today

April 11, 2014 2:23 pm

National Wildlife week has officially begun. To kick things off, the City of Ottawa is hosting the event “Backyard Biodiversity: Welcoming nature into your yard, not your home,” today at 7 p.m. at Andrew Haydon Hall (Council Chambers) at City Hall. The main message in this four part series is coexistence with nature. […]

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Pilar’s Picks: NEeMA

12:00 pm

NEeMA is Montreal’s multi-talented singer, storyteller and writer who has travelled world-wide enterataining and performing in front of diverse audiences from Canada, Ireland and Sweden to Belgium. Leave The Light On was released April 8, 2014 which shines upon some of her touring adventures. Leave The Light On features original work and fascinating cover songs, […]

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From VICE to NXNE, Music Maven Christopher Roberts Reflects on his Roots in Ottawa

April 9, 2014 2:03 pm

Pick any popular artist today and there’s a good chance Christopher Roberts has either scouted or worked with them directly. From The Raveonettes, The Black Lips and Action Bronson, to Bloc Party, The Streets, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Death From Above 1979, his influence is strong in the music industry. Formerly […]

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London Calling: Classic British Style

12:49 pm

Showcased in the model suite is the London Classic, one of three European styled interior collections, a vision of Ottawa-born, lawyer-turned-developer, John Thomas. As a tribute to this building’s British roots (the international award-winning PLP Architecture company from London), the London Classic was the first interior collection to reflect a […]

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Day of Pink: Realizing the Power of Pink

9:59 am

Everyone can admit to being bullied in their lives, but here’s something harder to admit: that everyone has been a bully in their life too. This year marks the fifth anniversary of the International Day of Pink. On April 9, participants everywhere will wear pink shirts to raise awareness in […]

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Pilar’s Picks: Thus Owls

April 8, 2014 2:57 pm

Today is an exciting day for Thus Owls, a Montreal-Stockholm band. They are releasing their album Turning Rocks today via Secret City Records. Thus Owls is a transatlantic band consisting of a husband and wife duo — Erika and Simon Angell. They met by chance as they were touring from separate bands and […]

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Gossip Girl: Lainey Gossip Teaches Celebrity Studies in Ottawa

2:29 pm
photo 3

Is there such thing as Celebrity Studies? Celebrity reporter for CTV’s eTalk and co-host of the talk show The Social, Elaine Lui offered a convincing lecture at an intimate event in Ottawa bringing together media, bloggers and entertainment aficionados. Better known as Lainey Gossip, she certainly thinks the culture of […]

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Rant Maggie Rant Brings their Celtic Fusion to the National Arts Centre

April 7, 2014 1:18 pm

Mark your calendars ladies and gentleman — the lifelong popular Rant Maggie Rant brings their Celtic fusion to the National Arts Centre on April 11. Rant Maggie Rant appeals to traditionalists as the collaboration achieves their goal in taking traditional Celtic music as their foundation, then liberally and unapologetically colouring […]

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Evian and Spiderman Team Up for Latest Campaign

12:00 pm

Water has been touted as the source of all life – it’s a well-known fact we can’t survive without it. Evian, known for its refreshingly pure bottled water and hilarious advertisements with dancing babies, uses several sources from Evian-les-Bains, on the south shores of Lake Geneva. Staying true to its slogan […]

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Modern SIMPLICITY: A Makeover in Alta Vista

10:42 am
Tanya Collins Simpson Rd. 002

Designed originally for city privacy in the 1960s, this Alta Vista bungalow is best suited for display of an extensive art collection with its expansive walls, high ceilings, and minimal trim work. Original owners were the late Samuel and Caroline Baylin, who were a family of artists, she a painter […]

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Pilar’s Picks: Weaves

April 4, 2014 2:24 pm

Weaves…No! I’m not referring to the ones you sew into your hair. Weaves is a new indie-rock group from Toronto, signed with Canadian label Buzz Records. Their kalediscope sound makes them a unique group who have released some “bumpin” tracks. The collaboration consists of three men and one woman. The strong, singular […]

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Schmeiser, the Seed and the Genetically-Modified Giant.

9:33 am

There is nothing like a good David and Goliath story to get your blood boiling, especially when it involves a giant multinational biotech company like Monsanto against the little guy farmer.  Or so it would seem. But before you head to see the latest production at the NAC, Seed, written […]

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A Taste of the North: Canadian Nature Museum Hosts Edible Arctic Festival

April 3, 2014 2:38 pm

Do you have an appetite for bannock bread, Arctic char, or muskox? If you’re unfamiliar with these dishes, swing by the Edible Arctic festival and immerse yourself in the culture, traditions, and culinary specialties of Canada’s North. The festival will be held from April 3 to 7 at the Canadian […]

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2nd Annual Spaces Issue

12:10 pm
Tanya Collins 001

  Premier Ottawa designer Tanya Collins shows us that we can have a beautiful home even it’s filled with kids and pets. It’s all about making the  right style and function choices. Tanya shares her tricks and  her sources for beautiful fixtures and finds.   London Calling: Classic British Style […]

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Fulfill your Wanderlust and Travel the World in Just One Day!

April 2, 2014 2:53 pm
Matt Boland's Pumpkin Soup 1_1_1_1

Traveling is such a beautiful thing. To see and to experience unknown culture is a definite learning experience — such picture perfect sights can be absolutely breathtaking. The only problem is being able to afford this luxurious experience as well as being able to afford taking time off work. Well, […]

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