Have You No Shame — The Shocking Expenses Of Our Unelected City Managers

February 1, 2004 9:36 am

Shocking. That’s how Auditor General Sheila Fraser described the waste of $100 million of taxpayers’ money in her February 10 report to Parliament on the Liberal government’s sponsorship fiasco in Quebec. But for jaded Canadian taxpayers, the waste of their hard-earned money is nothing new. Ever since former Privacy Commissioner […]

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Paul Martin on Foreign Policy: Be Fair…And Be Firm

December 1, 2003 11:53 am

The United States is our closest friend. We share a multitude of values with them. But we also have a different perspective on the world, one that says the world working together can solve its problems far better than any kind of individual or unilateral action.”— Paul Martin, in an […]

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Chain of Command Lets Rockcliffe Military Community Go Down The Drain

10:49 am

One of the outcomes of the recent tragedy that took the lives of two Canadian soldiers and injured three of their comrades just outside of Kabul, Afghanistan, was to witness the closeness of a military community as it quickly came to the support of the grief-stricken families. The military is […]

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Paul Martin on Health Care

10:36 am

Within minutes of ascending to the Liberal Party leadership on November 17, and in front of thousands of adoring Liberals, Paul Martin declared forcefully that he intends to protect and promote universal health care in Canada. Martin has been consistent in his support for universal health care — even during […]

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The Case For Same Sex Marriage

October 1, 2003 8:00 am

It was the perfect June wedding – complete with two brides. On June 10, the Ontario Court of Appeal released its decision that made equal marriage for same sex couples a reality in Ontario. By 1:30 p.m. that day, we were announcing our impending marriage to the national media on […]

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City of Ottawa: The Amalgamation Nightmare

September 1, 2003 9:26 am

This year marks the third anniversary of the newly-amalgamated City of Ottawa and the conclusion of its inaugural city council’s first term. With the November elections fast approaching, the nation’s capital and its leaders are finding their efforts to make the new city work under review. Many changes have taken […]

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Know Your Rights Under Workers Compensation

8:30 am

Peter worked for a large Ottawa development company for 10 years, doing a wide variety of jobs at a Laurier Street address — everything from painting and minor renovations to ceramic tile floor work and general maintenance. He was truly a jack-of-all-trades. In the fall of 2000, Peter’s life would […]

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Jim Watson’s Mission: Reverse Post-9/11 Tourism Slump

December 1, 2002 10:11 pm

Concerned about a “travel deficit” in Canada resulting from the combined impact of terrorist attacks and a stagnant economy in the United States, Jim Watson, president and CEO of the Canadian Tourism Commission, spoke to these concerns in a recent interview with Ottawa Life reporter Hank Reardon. An abridged version […]

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Awakening the Giant: The Return of Poland

8:11 pm

In this issue of Ottawa Life, we begin the first of a two-part series on Poland. That is to say the new Poland – a country with a most intricate history of war and ideological conflict, but also one of sophisticated art and culture. Polish influence extends to Canada and […]

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Senator Michael Kirby Begs to Differ

7:46 pm

Editor’s note: Senator Michael Kirby and the Senate’s Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology have prepared their own report on Canada’s troubled health care system, one that takes issue with some of the findings and recommendations of the Romanow report. Senator Kirby spoke to Ottawa Life reporter Peter Gill […]

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What About Aboriginal Health Care? Finding Solutions With NAHO

5:37 pm

Last June, over 200 health professionals, traditional healers and government representatives met in Aylmer, Quebec to open a comprehensive discussion on aboriginal health. The jointly hosted event by the National Aboriginal Healthcare Association (NAHO) and the Commission for the Future of Health Care in Canada, headed by Roy Romanow, was […]

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The Uncertain Future of Canadian Health Care

5:00 pm

In the past decade, Canada’s health care I system has declined from one that was “the envy of the world” to one that is in dire need of renewal. Canadians no longer feel as confident about Medicare as they once did. Hospital waiting lists are too long. Drug prices are […]

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The Kyoto Protocol in Canada: Legacy or Lunacy?

2:43 pm
industrial sunset

Prime Minister Jean Chrétien says he will put the Kyoto Protocol on climate change before Parliament for a ratification vote before year-end 2002. The announcement of the Kyoto Protocol ratification vote comes before an implementation plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) has been finalized and before details on the […]

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In Opposition Against “a Phantom Prime Minister”: An Interview with Stephen Harper

12:03 pm

Ottawa Life Magazine: If you were Prime Minister, how would you deal with Canada’s declining military? How much money do you think needs to be invested in it? Stephen Harper: A lot. Numbers have been thrown around by various groups. The consensus seems to be you need about a billion […]

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A Capital Plan

September 1, 2002 11:46 am

Capital cities are fortunate entities. Their unique role is to symbolize a people’s concept of nationhood. As such, they present particular challenges to planners. Ottawa is no exception. Does Ottawa and the National Capital Region (NCR) embody a sense of Canadian-ness? Marcel Beaudry, chairman of the National Capital Commission since […]

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Saudi Arabia’s Aid To Developing Countries

March 1, 2002 11:02 am

The painful situation facing millions of people in third world countries as a result of the economic systems of the world has prompted Saudi Arabia to lead one of the strongest and most daring campaigns to bring the facts and dangers of the economic conditions faced by the developing countries […]

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Lawrence MacAulay Reads the Riot Act…But Is He The Right Man For The Job?

February 1, 2002 10:41 am

Clearly, no minister of the federal cabinet was caught more in the headlights of September 11 than Solicitor General Lawrence MacAulay. Up to that time, if the lacklustre performance of the MP for Cardigan, Prince Edward Island, left you wondering what exactly a solicitor general does, you were not alone. […]

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