Pipin’ Hot: A Portable Coffee Maker with some Punch

Pipin’ Hot: A Portable Coffee Maker with some Punch

While there’s nothing wrong with staying comfortably sat at your nine-to-five, some of us find the urge to answer mother nature’s call and escape routine.  Away from the comfort of the office’s free refills, many times we’ve been left scrambling for a caffeine fix, only to spend the rest of the trip groaning about our withdrawal symptoms.  Whether you’re making s’mores or climbing glaciers, the feasibility of a good cup of Joe away from civilization has remained dubious at best.

Enter the Bripe.  At first glance, it might resemble some bizarre Turkish coffee pot-grandpa’s mouldy pipe offspring, but the design itself is quite ingenious.  A shortened version of “Brew” and “Pipe”, this product offers caffeine lovers a strong cup under any conditions, all the while remaining portable enough to earn its place in your backpack.

The brainchild of Equator Coffee Roasters’ founder Craig Hall and long-time friend Tim Panek, their shared love for the outdoors saw a need that had to be filled.  Frustrated by the current market’s options being either too complex, bulky, or heavy, Panek reached out to Hall with the idea for a simple and portable coffee brewing kit.

Which isn’t to say the Bripe is rudimentary, far from it.  With control over all the important aspects of brewing the perfect cup boiled down to one device (it even includes a thermometer for those coffee geeks among us, which doubles as a stirring aid for us simpletons), there is plenty room for fine tuning.  The copper and silver construction won’t react with your coffee unlike aluminium alternatives, and the cork-protected handle will ensure you don’t burn your digits.  Included is a reusable variable stainless-steel filter, so you can enjoy a grind-free drink regardless of how crushed you like your beans.  Heat source? The brew kit comes with a butane-powered quad jet torch to answer your caffeine cravings no matter the weather.  Simply pour the grounds into the Bripe’s cone, add water, and heat for 2-3 minutes courtesy of copper’s amazing heating properties.  The kit even includes a copper cooling stand so you can free your hands during the cooling process.  Finally, sip your brew through the mouthpiece and contemplate the scenery around you.  That’s right, you don’t even need a mug. 

It seems as though the Ottawa duo really hit the nail on the head with this one.  While the ever-popular Aeropress by Aerobie has gained a cult following among trekkers and baristas alike for the control it allows over water temperature, grind size, coffee-to-water ratio and brewing time, it requires a separate source for hot water (not to mention a cup).  The Bripe, on the other hand, combines all stages of coffee preparation, from heating the water to enjoying the caffeine buzz, into a single product.  Packing for a trip to the outdoors has amateur and seasoned adventurers always facing the same dilemma: being prepared vs. having to carry too much weight.  The entire Bripe kit weighs only 337 grams, 10 grams less than Bialetti’s liliputian 1-Cup Moka Express.

Even though the likes of our staff may never try to climb mountains or roam the Amazonian jungle, the Bripe offers a reliable and delicious cup of Joe for every explorer.

To pick one up, check out their website here, or stop by the 412 Churchill Avenue’s Equator Coffee Roasters on Wed. 19 at 1 p.m. for a product demo!