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The other DC superheroes show some love for the North

The other DC superheroes show some love for the North

Education is a cornerstone in building a child’s future and books serve as a tool to impart knowledge and understanding, making them an integral part of growth and development. DC Publishing is on a mission to bring that opportunity to the far corners of the country.

DC Canada Education Publishing is a small but mighty local children’s publisher based in Ottawa. The company’s writers, editors and illustrators collaborate to create award-winning original educational children’s books, games, and songs for kids and their families at home or school in Canada and beyond.

The publisher is teaming up with local businesses and individuals to help give kids across the nation equal access to a great education. Their goal? To send 100 packages within the next year containing a selection of DC educational books to schools in Northern Canada that would otherwise not have access to these resources due to lack of funding and remoteness.

Many staff members at DC have either visited the north or taught in the area’s local schools and have seen firsthand the lack of learning materials in schools and its impact on the education of local children. They saw a need and decided to take matters into their own hands to do something about it.

“Our motivation was to give something back,” says Mei Dang, Publishing Director of DC Canada Education Publishing. “We want to show them that we care. One way to help is to show that we love them, so giving books to schools is one way.”

“We want the kids to receive the material new and for it to be inspirational; we want them to have hope,” says Dang. “When kids have hope, the family has hope and it makes them want to get something for their future.”

Each box is sent to a chosen school in the northern territories in the hope of inspiring them in their education and empowering them in their learning. Children and students at these schools might not otherwise have had access to materials like these. First Nations schools in these areas also face their own unique set of challenges.

The gift box campaign supports Canadian authors, education in Northern communities and learning in languages, literacy, numeracy and other skills that are highly valued and necessary to prepare them for their future.

It is a step in the right direction, aiming to begin levelling access to education and resources for children across the country and making sure all kids have not only the right, but also the ability to get the education they need, no matter where they live.

For every $100 donated, DC provides a school in need with a box of books holding a range of new educational resources valued at $200 dollars and will cover the cost of shipping. Sharing the cost in this way maximizes the ability to send as many resources as possible.

DC is looking for sponsors and partners to be part of creating change and helping to make their dream a reality.

“We can do some by ourselves, but we are small so we can’t do much,” says Dang. “We’re calling on other people to share the cost and contribute.”

Businesses who participate in the program are recognized for their contribution by being promoted on DC Publishing’s website, with news of their collaboration shared with the schools impacted as well as the local media.

Current sponsors include the Bank of Montreal Capital Center, Scotia Bank Ottawa Main and Kingston Community Credit Union, but DC is always looking for more people who want to get involved and make a difference.

Want to get involved and help support the education of children in remote northern communities? Contribute to the cause by emailing DC Publishing, swinging by their offices on Metcalfe or visiting their website.