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Wine Not Try Vinho Verde's Arca Nova

Wine Not Try Vinho Verde's Arca Nova

Vinho Verde means ‘Green Wine’ and is both the name of the wine and the name of the region. Stylistically, all Vinho Verdes are light, clean, fresh, and citrusy. Effervescence is added to Vinho Verde wines to increase their shelf life.

Non vintage Vinho Verde wines are made from a blend of vintages, where the producer typically acquires the unsold wines from his neighbors at the end of each season. The U.S. is currently the world’s largest importing country for Vinho Verde wines.

Pouring a very bright crystal with green highlights, this incredibly refreshing wine has aromas of grapefruit skin, tomato stem, and powdery minerals. The palate shows an invigorating, gentle spritz that further advances the quaffable character of the wine.

A novel, original and striking alternative to include in the list of gifts this Christmas!