Take a Bite Out of the Carnivore Club

Take a Bite Out of the Carnivore Club

Launched via an Indiegogo campaign in 2013, Carnivore Club has exploded onto the e-commerce scene by providing a unique, innovative and exclusive service you can sink your teeth into.

The Carnivore Club provides its discerning carnivore members with monthly beautiful faux-wood boxes chock-full of meats that are artisan, ethically produced and hand crafted. Each month’s box is themed around one producer that specializes in a particular style of cured meats: from French Charcuterie, to Spanish Chorizo, to Italian Salumi to Artisanal Jerky. Past boxes have included fine sausages, Charcuterie Parisienne that featured rillettes, hams, and European sausages, and South African meats. (Yes, we are drooling. We know you are, too.)

CC_Box_Side_Stack_2The Club’s founder, Tim Ray, isn’t new to successful e-commerce ventures. With an MBA from Queens University in hand, Ray previously launched and sold the daily deal food website FoodScrooge.com to TorStar Inc. The Club sold ten months after incorporation for $2.1 million dollars. Talk about a meaty deal.

Today, Carnivore Club operates in downtown Toronto with four full-time staff to manage operations. The Club operates across Canada, the USA and Europe, and offers memberships ranging from one month to recurring subscriptions for $50 every month. A membership to the Club is the perfect gift that keeps on giving: give dad the gift of charcuterie for Father’s Day and Sunday night dinner will never be the same.

With a delicious selection of meats arriving at your doorstep, you will be a proud card carrying member of the Carnivore Club in no time. Visit Carnivore Club’s website for more info, and make sure to save a place for us at the dinner table.