8 delish Valentine’s Day treats you can make with CBD gummies

Valentine’s Day. Some people love it. Some people hate it. No matter how you feel about it, though, homemade treats made with CBD gummies will brighten your holiday. They will give you the feel-good boost you need in order to either get through the day without strangling the next pair of lovebirds you see smooching on the street, or really put all you’ve got into showing your Valentine how much you care.

Verma Farms makes CBD gummies that spell love at first bite, with their delicious flavors and high-quality CBD, to elevate your mood and make you feel great all day long. Not only are they perfect on their own, but they go wonderfully in some of these amazing treats you can make for your Valentine or your friends. Or, show yourself the same love CBD gummies are getting right now, and keep them all to yourself.

If you live in the United States, you may be subjected to regular drug testing, and no one needs a failed drug test for Valentine’s Day. Keep in mind that some CBD gummies do have a small amount of THC in them. CBD isolate is completely free of THC, and will not cause you or your friends to fail a drug test.

With broad spectrum CBD, they remove THC and keep all the other cannabinoids, but because of the nature of the extraction process, they may still contain trace amounts of THC. Full spectrum CBD contains all cannabinoids including THC, though the amount of THC is still generally fairly low. Neither full nor broad spectrum CBD contain enough THC to cause intoxication.

Choosing the right CBD gummies for your recipe is easier when you can take a look at reviews. In this review, someone else has done the work for you and compiled a list of the best gummies, their flavors, their textures, and any interesting special features they may have. This review focuses more on pricing and dose. Between these two, you should be able to find exactly the right gummies for your recipe.

1. Love On The Rocks – CBD Gummy Ice Cubes

Okay, sure it’s the middle of winter and “frozen treat” sounds more like a nice way of telling your Valentine you have frostbite. But CBD gummy ice cubes can add just the right sweet highlight to your cocktails, soda, or other drinks that could benefit from a hint of flavor. You can even freeze your CBD gummies into popsicles to make them easier to eat by themselves.

2. Love Dipped in Chocolate – Chocolate Covered CBD Gummies

Love does not have to come in a heart-shaped box this year. This gift is even better than chocolate covered strawberries. Sure, strawberries are good for you, but CBD gummies can reduce inflammation, elevate your mood, improve your sleep, and help you stay well throughout flu season. Dip CBD gummies in white, dark, or milk chocolate for a delicious Valentine’s Day treat sure to make anyone smile.

3. Love That Gets Rid of Your Snaps, Crackles, and Pops – CBD Gummy Rice Krispie Treats

CBD Gummies reduce pain and inflammation, and they help you get a good night’s sleep, too. All this helps you feel better physically, letting your muscles relax and your joints move more smoothly. Try adding CBD gummies to a pan of Rice Krispie Treats for the ultimate reminder that love should be comfortable.

4. Love Prints – CBD Gummy Thumbprint Cookies

Make sure your love is imprinted on the heart, mind, and taste buds, of your Valentine this year, with adorable thumbprint cookies made with CBD gummies instead of jam. Start the cookies as you normally would, but instead of a regular circle in the center, press your thumb down twice, each time facing the opposite way to make a heart shape. Then fill the imprint with gummy candies. They will melt in the oven to create a heart shaped center filled with love.

5. Love is Classic – CBD Gummy Brownies

This simple treat will keep anyone who gets one smiling all day long. You can go a couple of different directions with this idea. You could start with your favorite brownie recipe and mix in CBD gummies like you would nuts or chocolate chips, or you could decorate the brownies with CBD gummies once they are done baking. Regardless of which you choose, CBD gummy brownies are sure to be a smash at your next Valentine’s Day get-together.

6. Love, Booze, and CBD – CBD Gummy Sangria

You’re sure to love this recipe all year long. In cold winter months, use mulled wine for your sangria or add cranberries and oranges along with warming spices before you mix in your favorite flavor of CBD gummies. When the weather warms up again (we promise, it will), add pineapple or berries, and mix in CBD gummies for a fun summer treat.

7. Love Takes The Cake – CBD Gummy Cake

Remember when you were a kid and your class had Valentine’s Day parties with those amazing fun cupcakes the classroom moms would bring as a special treat? CBD gummies add an adult touch to a whimsical goody anyone would love to get on Valentine’s Day. Most any flavor cake mix will go perfectly with the right gummies, or you can use your favorite from scratch recipe to make an extra special surprise treat. Bake CBD gummies right in by adding them to the mix, or get creative and decorate your cupcakes just like Mom used to do.

8. Love Is a Heart-Shaped Gummy – DIY CBD Gummy Shapes

Nothing says love like something you made yourself. If baking is not your forte, you could try making your own CBD gummies with CBD isolate powder. They are simple to make, and you can use molds to make whatever shape your heart desires. If you do not want to make the CBD gummies yourself, you can melt them down, then put the syrup in a mold to cool so that you have the perfect shape to send the right message to your Valentine.