Arts & EventsA bit of Jamaican culture, reggae, and exotic food!

A bit of Jamaican culture, reggae, and exotic food!

A bit of Jamaican culture, reggae, and exotic food!

After Canada and the United States, Jamaica is the third country with most populous English-speaking in America. Jamaica is a major regional tourist center. Tourism, sugar production and bauxite extraction, as well as the business created around the image of Bob Marley –and its Reggae music, are sources of economy for this heavenly country.

Bob Marley is not the only Jamaican famous; Marcus Garvey is also well known for being the father of the Back to Africa Movement and the Jamaica's first National Hero. For its part, the most famous athlete of the country is the Olympic medalist Usain Bolt with several world records.

Feel the good vibe! Jamaica is noted for its rich culture and music, which have made the island famous worldwide. With a multicultural influence, Jamaica has a legacy of the Taíno Indians, the Spanish colonizers, the English evangelizers, the black Africans and some communities of Hindus.

The Jamaican High Commission is inviting you this Monday, August 7th at the Horticulture Building to “explore the intricacies of the country through a varied display of quality Jamaican products, experience the warm Jamaican hospitality and enjoy a firsthand encounter with our culture.”

In Jamaica, you are able to enjoy an experience of another world. Jamaica is the favorite destination for families and couples seeking relaxation next to the sea, with international cousin, and gorgeous weather. With private beaches, luxury hotels, friendly and kind people, Jamaica offers you comfort as well as a huge panorama of its real colonial architecture.

If you want to try the authentic Jamaican food, its Jamaican Caribbean grill flavours are your best choice. The aromas and the exotic cuisine have made Jamaican food very renowned around the world. The island, for instance, is famous for its Jamaican jerk spice, the Ackee or the Jamaican Patty.

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