A classic Blonde Ale that will win your friends over to craft beer

I purchased some Dominion City Brewing Company Town & Country Blonde Ale at my local LCBO, although this selection is always available at their Canotek Road taproom.

It’s been a relatively long time since I’ve visited DCBC, as it is a bit far from my home in Kanata. Still, I used to stop by more regularly in the “before times” when I was out and about more frequently and less housebound because of health protocols.

If you’re out that way—where Montreal Road intersects with the 417—I highly suggest stopping in for a pint or two and taking time to relax on their big “treehouse” patio. If you can’t get there, the brewery does offer local delivery for five bucks.

This blonde ale pours out the colour of golden straw, with a fine and foamy white head that manages to linger right to the end of the glass.

The initial aroma is that of citrus grass, with notes of pine needles. It is somewhat hoppier than I would expect from a blonde ale but not overpoweringly so, allowing for the smell of sweet grainy malt to come through.

Town & Country Blonde has moderately high carbonation that complements its pleasing medium smooth body. It has a lighter, sweet malty flavour, with hints of lightly toasted bread and wheat. (Wondering if it actually contains wheat?)

The hop bitterness is considerably lower than the original aroma would have led me to believe. It has a nice medium-dry finish with some subtle lingering malt sweetness.

This is a well-crafted, tasty, and refreshing beer that is not overly complex. In a market that is currently dominated by big, overly hoppy, higher alcohol, hazy IPAs, it was a pleasure to get into this classic blonde—I highly recommend it.

Serve Town & Country Blonde Ale to your “non-craft beer” drinking friends with a simple charcuterie board of mild cheeses and meats. Who knows, you might change their minds!

Visit Dominion City Brewing Company at 15-5510 Canotek Road or shop online at dominioncity.ca