Arts & EventsA Man Named Ned

A Man Named Ned

A Man Named Ned

A book was read
A life was led
Beyond a split rail fence
In a country church yard
Lies a man named Ned

With shovel in hand
On top of the spot
A grave digger stood
And marked the location
Of Ned’s burial plot

In an untimely manner
This man of books
One September night
Was brutally murdered
By some villainous crooks

Before he died
In blood so red
Ned scrawled out the names
Of the cowardly thugs
Who cut him to shreds

As the law proscribed
Once they were caught
They all met their fate
On a hangman’s gallows
With a ten foot drop

So now these knaves
Who savagely cut Ned down
Now lie next to him
In unmarked graves
Ten feet underground

By Darryl T. Davies

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