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Wearable Tech Made Just for Mom

Wearable Tech Made Just for Mom

Expectant mothers, this one is for you! The Parent + Baby Smartband by Project Nursery is here to make life as a mom a whole lot easier. This simple device straps onto your wrist, and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and holds a huge amount of information right at your finger tips! Say goodbye to physical baby journals or lost pages, and keep track of everything you need on your wrist and with the free Project Nursery app.

Let’s start with the basics: like most Smartbands, the Parent + Baby Smartband tracks and displays your daily exercise, steps and distance covered, calories burned, as well as the time. Stats can be shown in graphs so you can easily compare your progress over time towards your fitness goal. However, unlike most Smartbands, this one was designed specifically with the expectant mother in mind. During your pregnancy, the smartband lets you keep track of your weight and fetal movement. It can also send you hydration and vitamin reminds to help you keep up a healthy pregnancy. After the baby is born, the smartband becomes a convenient on-the-go baby journal where you can easily track diaper changes, naps, feeding schedule and more with a simple tap of the screen. As if this huge bundle of features wasn't enough, this Smartband notifies you when you receive a text message or when you have an upcoming appointment, truly making it an all-in-one parenthood supermachine.

Featured here: Future baby Bruce & mom trying out the Parent + Baby Smartband

OLM met up with one of our readers who is expecting her first child in April, to see what she thought of this amazing product. Right off the bat, she commented on how sleek and attractive the design was as well as how durably it was built. The water and sweat resistance means she can wear it to her prenatal yoga classes, while the wristband feels strong enough to withstand the many tough (and often messy) trails of parenthood. What she loved most about this product, however, is the shear number of features available to her right at her finger tips. To track all the information that the Smartband tracks and stores in one place, she would be using several apps, or loose pieces of paper. Instead, she doesn’t have to worry about rummaging around for lost papers or making sure her phone always has a charge, and can focus more on herself and her baby, or even quickly provide this tracking information to her pediatrician.

The Parent + Baby Smartband has an impressive 30 day battery life depending on usage, so you can knock daily or weekly recharges off your list of things to do! Each box comes with three bands (in black, grey, and pink), a tracker and a micro USB cable to charge. If you're looking for the perfect gift for a baby shower, or simply want a device that'll help you organize and keep track of all the important things in yours and your baby's life, this Smartband is the perfect thing to help you keep organized and fit! The Parent + Baby Smartband can be found at your local Buy Buy Baby, or online at

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