• By: Tatum Bergen

Art that uplifts–Alex Hunt Studio giveaway

ABOVE: Win a print of this beautiful painting, Innerbloom by Alex Hunt Studio.

“Art should be optimistic . . . it is a reminder of the beauty in the world,” says Canadian visual artist Alex Hunt who has a flair for striking colour and abstract styles. Whether it is an abstract, a floral, or colourful textured ‘dots’, she hopes that each of her bright and bold paintings refreshes the space it is placed in. With works sold across North America and internationally, her artwork is popular with interior designers and real estate staging companies who rely on her art to bring rooms to life. Alex’s artwork has also been featured in Vanity Fair’s UK edition.

Her two worlds, as an artist and as Ottawa Life’s fashion editor, blend seamlessly–both use colour to express emotion and personality. But when it comes to art, Alex uses her talent to uplift your space and infuse it with energy and beauty.

This month, Ottawa Life is partnering with Alex Hunt to giveaway a print of her recent painting, Innerbloom. Measuring 30” x 40” on gallery-wrapped canvas, and using large brushstrokes, the painting is reflective of organic petals. 

Head over to @ottawalifemag and @alexhuntstudio on Instagram for your chance to enter and win this beautifully vibrant art piece.

In the meantime, here is an inside peek into the art of Alex Hunt.

ABOVE: OLM Fashion Editor Alex Hunt with her work Spring Tulips.

OttawaLife: When was the first time that you realized you had a love for bright colours in your art?

Alex Hunt: I grew up in the presence of art as my mother owned a few art galleries and framing studios. We always had new art in our home, so from an early age I had an appreciation for colour. I’ve always been drawn to colour and colour pairings, which is likely why I was also interested in fashion at a young age.

Fashion is not a far cry from the art world, and I find that the two blend seamlessly. I often find myself painting backdrops for fashion photoshoots to enhance the overall story that we are trying to capture.

OttawaLife: How have your clients been impacted by having your art in their homes?

AH: Artwork can portray a variety of emotions – happiness, passion, hope. Therefore, art is the colour and shape that translates these emotions into form. By surrounding yourself with art that you love and enjoy being around, you’re surrounding yourself with positive and uplifting emotions daily. Art is a reminder of the beauty in the world. I’ve found that a lot of the collectors who purchase my artwork are often buying the art as a gift, say for an anniversary or milestone. I’m always incredibly honoured that they have chosen my art to mark that moment in time.

Quite often, art is the final piece that completes the décor of a room. A few of my clients have moved into new homes or have recently renovated and have been looking for a modern piece that will help to create a feeling for the space. Art resonates with people in such different but memorable ways, so when a collector purchases a piece, whether it is an original painting or an art print, seeing the art in the home gives me so much joy. I’m happy to be able to help people find art that infuses their home with energy and uplifting colour.

OttawaLife: What is the driving philosophy for your art?

AH: The emotion associated with colour has always been an interest of mine. I enjoy studying colour theory and the use of colour in branding. When I prepare to begin a piece, I often consider the colour(s) that I will be using and what overall feeling I want the painting to portray.

I’m often drawn to the colour blue and have been fascinated by the response that I receive when I paint in this particular colour. The range of blue that I use is meant to feel energizing while still retaining the reliable, calm feeling that we often associate with the colour. Known for being serene, trustworthy, and inviting, blue is always my favourite colour to include in any piece. Overall, my goal has always been to create artwork that is optimistic allowing it to infuse your space with beauty.

OttawaLife: Any tips for how OLM readers can brighten up their homes?

AH: Start with colour! Colour can be daunting for so many people, but I promise that once the art is on your wall, you will love it. Too many white walls make a home feel sterile. The art in your home should represent who you are or at least signify your interest in the arts.

Art prints are a great way to brighten your home. At a fraction of the cost of an original painting, art prints can often be purchased in a variety of sizes to help maximize a room. Select a painting that you can envision in your space or find a painting that will help to elevate the mood you have in mind. Offices have been a key space lately with so many people working from home. I’ve had a bunch of clients purchase art for zoom backdrops in their home offices. The art helps to complement their personality and to complete the look, especially if when an office is new.

I’m always happy to answer art questions or suggest certain pieces for a space, so please find me on Instagram at @alexhuntstudio and send me a message.

Innerbloom is an acrylic painting on gallery-wrapped canvas, measuring 30” x 40”. The original painting and giclee fine art prints can be found in Alex’s shop, www.alexhuntstudio.com.  Alex’s original artwork is also available at Cloud Gallery in Orillia, Ontario.

Follow Alex on Instagram for behind-the-scenes video of her painting process at @alexhuntstudio.