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At Home with Houseplants

At Home with Houseplants

Who doesn’t love the greenery that a living plant can bring to a space? Most people are afraid to make a grand statement but to achieve a greater impact with your decor, go for something big. If your space is lacking that certain something, try a mid-sized palm tree that can be found at most garden or big box stores around $20. The key is the pot. Place your plant in an oversized pot at least 2 feet high off the floor. By putting an average-sized plant in a large vase or planter, your create a much more dramatic effect.

Where you place the plant is also important. An empty corner is a great spot or find an area that needs a focal point. Often, this is the corner of the room directly opposite the entry point. The concept is well illustrated in this client’s very modern space. Be careful not to have other smaller plants dotted around the same room as it will lessen the overall effect. If you do have a lot of smaller plants it is best to group them together on a tray atop a table  or on a large window sill.

Perhaps you also wish to add a little more harmony or energy in a particular area of your home?  According to Feng Shui philosophy, a house that architecturally has missing corners; that is, does not have a square or rectangular footprint will have less energy in this area. A plant is a great fix as it brings more energy to this deficient area – again the larger the better. For example, those concerned with prosperity and wealth may want to look at their far left corner of their house upon entry through their front door. The opposite far right corner relates to marriage and love. Think about it. Not only can a plant spice up your space, it just might  create energy and impact far beyond the visual aesthetic.

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