Best Wilderness Experiences: Canada’s Remote National Parks

For outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, Canada is perhaps one of the world’s most desirable places to visit. It has a vast number of incredible national parks that are colossal in size and have breathtaking scenery. Whether you are looking for glacial lakes, coastal scenery, dense forests, or huge mountain peaks, Canada has it all. With an extensive list of national parks to choose from, deciding which one to visit can be difficult. To make this easier, we will go through some of Canada’s most remote national parks, which are ideal for the ultimate wilderness experience.

Gros Morne, Newfoundland & Labrador

First on this list is Gros Morne, located on the west coast of Newfoundland and the second biggest national park in Atlantic Canada. This national park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that boasts deep valleys towered by great mountains on either side and an abundance of coastal features, waterfalls, beaches, and forests. In addition to taking in the beautiful surroundings in this national park, there are several activities you can try during your visit here. If you want to do something more relaxing, you can head to the coast and try beachcombing. For those who are a little more adventurous, why not jump in a kayak and explore the national park by water?

Gros Morne is a national park that is relatively difficult to get to as it is so far away from many of the major cities in Canada. For this reason, we recommend booking an aircraft charter to fly you to Deer Lake Airport, which is regarded as the best way to access Newfoundland and Labrador. From here, it is a short car journey, around 25 minutes, to get to Gros Morne, where you can start your adventure.

Thousand Islands, Ontario

Up next on this list is Thousand Islands, a collection of islands in the Saint Lawrence River in Ontario. In contrast to the first national park on this list, Thousand Islands is one of Canada’s smallest national parks. Despite this, there is still plenty to explore in this beautiful part of Canada, on the easternmost part of Lake Ontario. There is plenty to do during a trip here, from going on a challenging hike across different types of terrain to jumping in a powerboat to reach remote bays.

If you enjoy spotting wildlife, then keep an eye out for a number of rare species of birds and turtles that are often spotted in this region of Canada. One of the most popular activities for families is a camping trip in Mallorytown Landing, where you can also find an aquarium, interpretive centre, theatre, playground, and a number of impressive exhibits. This will keep the entire family occupied with exciting activities to fill each day spent here.

Waterton Lakes, Alberta

Located next to Montana’s Glacier National Park, Waterton Lakes in southern Alberta is best known for its glistening water streams, impressive waterfalls, and vast lakes. If you are considering visiting this national park, it is best to start at Watertown, the charming little town that sits at the shore of the waters. This national park is a paradise for those who have a keen interest in a vast range of unique and rare wildlife and different species of plants. It is also a national park that isn’t too challenging to explore, which is ideal for families with young children and older people who don’t want to hike up big mountains. Two of the most popular trails to consider going on during a trip to Waterton Lakes are the Lineham Falls hike and the Red Rock Canyon Parkway hike.

Gaspesie National Park, Quebec

The final national park on this list is Gaspesie National Park, located in Quebec, which is 803 square kilometres in size and boasts 25 mountain peaks and the breathtaking Sainte-Anne River. These 25 mountains comprise two mountain ranges, the McGerrigle and the Chic Choc. This national park is one of the best places in Canada to experience rugged beauty, with Arctic flora and alpine tundra, which are found all around you as you explore this vast park. The tallest mountains here stand over 3,300 feet tall, meaning those interested in conquering challenging hikes can find a mountain to climb that will push them to their limits.

In addition to hiking, you can enjoy plenty of other activities during a trip to the Gaspesie National Park. You can jump in a canoe or kayak and coast along the Sainte-Anne River, taking in the amazing landscape around you, or even try paddleboarding. If you enjoy fishing, you can head over to Lake Cascapedia and see if you can catch something impressive. Those interested in photography will be able to capture some stunning photos at sunset or sunrise, so consider planning your trip at a suitable time of year for this.


Explore Canada’s National Parks

The national parks in Canada are unlike any other because of their extraordinary landscapes and wildlife. Each park is unique in its own way, so you will never have the same experience while visiting a particular park. Before your trip, it is a good idea to do some research to find out what each national park offers and choose one that has activities that you will enjoy doing. It is also a good idea to consider how you will get to the park, as many are in very remote locations.