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Buy YouTube Subscribers – 3 Best Sites To Buy YouTube Subscribers In 2023

YouTube channel owners upload countless videos every minute. In such a case, how can one expect all the viewers to visit his/ her channel and engage with the content?

This is where top business analysts recommend buying YouTube subscribers. Only real and active YouTube subscribers can help your content gain more attention quickly.

Here, we have curated the top YouTube subscriber services for purchasing subscribers and the best sites to buy from.

3 Best Sites To Buy YouTube Subscribers

#1. Thunderclap.it

👉Ratings: 9.5/10

Thunderclap.it should be the answer to all your questions regarding the essential boost your YouTube channel requires the most at this point in time. Their YouTube subscriber service comes with a free trial and full refund guarantee.

Buy YouTube subscribers from Thunderclap.it today.

#2. GPC.fm

👉Ratings: 9.5/10

GPC.fm is the leading YouTube subscribers buy marketplace. You may need many things to go right for your business, but GPC.fm will provide you with the core part right.

Buy YouTube subscribers from GPC.FM today.

#3. BuyReviewz.com

👉Ratings: 9.5/10

Risks are involved with anything online these days. The BuyReviewz.com team makes the proper effort to ensure your process is handled efficiently.

Buy YouTube subscribers from  BuyReviewz.com today.

The Leading Platforms To Buy YouTube Subscribers

#1. Thunderclap.it

Thunderclap.it has served countless customers for over 10 years and is still counting. The company gets every step of your Youtube journey in the right direction. Their devotion to customers is incredible and they have been featured on top publications like Outlook and Deccan Herald.

The company is best known for offering real subscribers at affordable price ranges starting at just $0.99. Promoting the growth of your YouTube channel is a hassle-free process for them. The point to ponder here is that Thunderclap.it does it deliberately and gradually, keeping the terms and conditions of YouTube intact, unlike any random service provider.

Another good feature of the company is its stellar customer support team. They are skilled professionals and well experienced to handle all issues at any time of the day. Customers get several options to convey queries like emails, live chats, etc.

You will be glad to know that they have free trial services which give you 10-15 free YouTube subscribers so you can see the results before committing to paid Youtube subscribers service.

Thunderclap.it also offers a delightful refund policy. The policy claims either you get your order or they just pay you back. You would get a refund if your order was not delivered successfully.


Real and active YouTube subscribers

Gradual delivery

Amazing customer support

Money back guarantee


No telephone service

#2. GPC.fm

GPC.fm is a great platform to make big changes if you are on YouTube and looking for subscriber growth services. You will not have a tough time worrying about managing subscribers on your YouTube account; therefore, your task will be content creation only.

GPC.fm is a stable platform that offers lasting real subscribers. It makes sure that clients are progressing with their services without losing subscribers. As far as customer support is concerned, it is well managed by the team.

The company is efficient in the permanency of the subscribers and offers gradual delivery of your subscribers in the least amount of time. In addition, it also saves time by keeping your account running through the addition of subscribers, increasing your profile diversity.

One of the major benefits of hiring GPC.fm as your service provider should be uncompromised security. In the market, thousands of service providers are available and offer the same services. But only a few, like GPC.fm, provide high-level security. Your channel and personal data will be safe if it is GPC.fm.


Data security

Quality services

Guaranteed growth

Prioritizes good customer-client relationship


Does not allow a free subscription

#3. BuyReviewz.com

BuyReviewz.com is a YouTube growth booster for your channel, as it offers real interactive subscribers that are delivered to you immediately. Despite subscribers being futile as they do not interact with the content they watch, BuyReviewz.com provides active YouTube subs to help you get fame.

The website is relatively new compared to the other two but is up to promote your business effectively and efficiently. It offers all kinds of likes and subscribers to other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The website is trustworthy and reliable because it allows you to create authentic and organic content without worrying too much about the subs count. Also, you can avail of packages or customize them according to your needs and demands.

BuyReviewz.com has spread its footprint globally, which means users from any part of the world can buy their services and boost their accounts.


Super easy to use

Provides packages to choose from

Keep customers’ data safe

Affordable rates


Does not allow a free subscription

Advantages Of Buying YouTube Subscribers From Trusted Sites

#1. Boosts Channel Growth

Buying YouTube subscribers from trusted and reliable sites can adequately boost your channel’s growth. You can also reach a wider audience with a better engagement rate and interactions in a very short period of time.

#2. Build Social Proof

The biggest social proof on YouTube is the subscriber count. The higher the count, the more people will trust you. Buying subscribers will effectively enhance this social proof and convince people about your excellence.

#3. Fulfil The Monetization Criteria

Purchasing YouTube subscribers could be the best option for anyone who has just started his journey on the platform. Along with the essential boost, you will also get to meet the monetization criteria: a minimum of 1,000 subscribers. You can start generating revenue through your videos as early as possible.

#4. Build Authority

Content creators on any social media platform are judged based on their subscribers count. YouTube is no different. Buying YouTube subscribers will help you build your authority and put you in the higher leagues.

#5. Attract More Organic Subscribers

It is a general practice that people subscribe to a channel that already has many subs. Consider this trend and make it your strength. Buy YouTube subscribers from the best sites and convince your viewers to follow your channel based on a healthy number.

#6. No Risk Of Getting Fake Subscribers

The most important benefit of buying YouTube subs from trusted sites is that you will not get fake subscribers or bots. The reputable companies mentioned above have been working for several years and have not yet registered any fraudulent cases against them. They are well experienced in protecting your channel and data.

Why Does YouTube Subscribers’ Quality Matter?

Buying only YouTube subscribers is insufficient to take your channel to the next level. You need to buy high-quality YouTube subscribers who can consistently engage with your content and like and comment on your videos. Real and active subscribers can only make your channel’s growth natural.

#1. YouTube Algorithm Can Detect Fake Subs And Remove Them

As the biggest video platform, YouTube has a super powerful algorithm that can detect fake subscribers and remove them from the channel. It could worsen more if you continue increasing your subscriber count through bots.

Hence, ensure you buy high-quality YouTube subscribers from trusted websites that engage with your videos.

#2. Real Subscribers Give Real Results For Your YouTube Channel

You cannot expect any results from fake subscribers or bots. Bots and fake subscribers can put an end to your YouTube journey. The only thing that matters is real subscribers. Only they can boost your channel’s growth exponentially.

#3. Real And Active Subscribers Give More Engagement

Real and active subscribers will engage with your content, provided it is in their interests, in the form of likes and comments. They will share the videos with their family and friends and try connecting with you on every other social media platform. Real subscribers are true blessings. To get them, produce high-quality content consistently.

What Is The Cost Of Buying Youtube Subscribers?

The cost of buying YouTube subscribers is not much if you do proper research and get the best package for yourself. However, you can try Thunderclap.it for that matter. The pricing is as follows

50 subscribers cost 13$

100 subscribers cost 23$

200 subscribers cost 27$

500 subscribers cost 65$

1000 subscribers cost 129$

How To Choose The Best Site To Buy YouTube Subscribers?

Getting the best service provider is the most important factor to buy YouTube subscribers. You just cannot pick any random website for the service. If you do so, you may get scammed and even lose your YouTube channel.

Follow the points below to get the best site to purchase subscribers for your YouTube channel.

#1. Real And Active Subscribers

To buy YouTube subscribers, money is not the only parameter you need for the deal. You need to onboard trusted and genuine websites to get real and active subscribers.

Read online reviews as many as possible available on the internet about the service provider and then make an informed decision.

#2. Money Back Guarantee

Seeking YouTube services from a company that guarantees money back is a blessing. This means you will get high-quality subscribers without any worry about the authenticity of the subscribers.

#3. Subscribers Retention Guarantee

Several spam websites offer fake YouTube subscribers that are bots. It will work for a certain period, and then the subscribers will vanish.

Look for service providers that offer subscribers retention guarantees. It will keep your channel safe from bots, and the subscribers you get will stay real forever.

#4. No Risk Of Channel Penalization

No bots mean no risk of channel penalization. If your service provider offers fake YouTube subscribers, you are at risk. It is recommended to research the company before making any transaction. This will help you save your channel and your hard-earned money.

#5. Payment And Delivery Options

Most companies offer varied payment options, including Paypal, credit cards and cryptocurrency. Knowing it before you reach the payment page to transact is a good practice. If your service provider is not having too many payment options, you need to think twice before the deal.

For the delivery, it depends on the package you select. However, gradual delivery is considered to be the best. Do not go for fast delivery. The YouTube algorithm is smart enough to suspect any suspicious action.

#6. 24/7 Customer Support

For any online product, customer support is pivotal in after-sales services. Buying YouTube subs is no different. Look for a service provider that offers support 24/7 across the globe.

How To Get YouTube Subscribers Organically?

To obtain natural subscribers, follow the tip given below.

1.    Be Unique

The YouTube market is getting saturated day by day. Only creativity and self-expression can take you to the last mile. People watching content on YouTube are often willing to subscribe; they just need a good strong reason to do so.

Produce high-quality videos regularly, make use of descriptions and titles effectively, and have a clear understanding of the needs of your target audience.

2.    Consider A Tagline

Tagline is a short text which helps your audience understand what your channel is all about. This creates an impression of a particular niche. People tend to remember taglines for years if it is quirky that resemble your content.

3.    Always Aim For Clarity

Starting a YouTube channel is simple. Anybody can do it. The entry barrier is so minimal that many people try their luck as YouTube content creators without a crystal-clear objective. And most of them fail even to meet the criteria for YouTube monetization.

It is best recommended to take time, brainstorm and, most importantly, understand the ‘why’ for your content creation. The better the clarity, the more the probability of winning.

4.    Create A Channel Logo

Try to understand this essential factor with an example. Every brand has its own logo. They could be in different shapes and colours, but the one thing common in them is that they all create awareness.

In addition, logos add a sense of professionalism to the audience’s mind. Therefore, always make a logo for your YouTube channel and ensure it is incorporated clearly in every video.

5.    Have A HomePage Trailer

Recently, YouTube has rolled out a new feature where creators can make a trailer for their channel and upload it on their Homepage. It means whenever a new viewer visits your channel, he/ she will have this short description video to watch first.

The best practice is to keep the trailer short for around a minute and provide enough information regarding your content goals. This will also help you get more subscribers as they will get a reason to hit the red button.

6.    Think Of Watermark

Watermark is also a logo but translucent in nature. It goes on your videos to prompt viewers to subscribe to the channel. YouTubers make their channel logos a watermark to protect the content online. Also, many of them make watermarks like the YT subscribe button, which adds a visual reminder to follow the channel.

7.    Pay Attention To Watchtimes

Watchtime is critical for any YouTube content creator. This becomes even more than essential when you are just starting to become a digital content creator on the platform.

Watch time can be a measure of your content appreciation. If your viewers stay until the end, it means great; but if they leave without completing the video, try to figure it out and improve your content. The higher the watch time, the more YouTube promotes.

8.    Focus On Value Rather Than Numbers

Each and every YouTube content creator wants more subscribers. The one who focuses on quality content and looks forward to adding value to the audience time wins the race and gets more subscribers.

So, always create engaging and valuable content with good editing, professional audio, and appealing visuals.

9.    Self Promote On Other Social Media

There are several social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., where you can promote your videos before and after the release. This will help you get more views; if appreciated by the majority, you may get subscribers in huge numbers.

10. Remind Them To Subscribe

Viewers tend to skip after watching the video without putting action to it. You will get more views counting, but not subscribers. Therefore, ask your viewers to like the video and subscribe to the channel in every video. This will help you reap the benefits.


If you are a beginner or experienced, consider buying YouTube subscribers to boost your channel’s growth and engagement. It has a high potential to give you immense results in less time and money.

Before buying, select a provider that offers real YouTube subscribers delivered timely. Based on numerous customer reviews, it is best recommended to buy YouTube subscribers from Thunderclap.it.

With the right strategy and real subscribers from Thunderclap.it, you can achieve your goals and ensure a successful YouTube channel.


  1. Why should I buy YouTube subscribers?

It is no longer a hidden fact that having more subscribers on your YouTube channel is the most important factor for growth. Channels having a large number of followers are considered to be more credible and trustworthy.

Also, people follow a channel that already has a high number of subscribers. It makes them feel comfortable and quickly develop a good relationship with the content.

  1. Is it ok to buy subscribers on YouTube?

Buying subscribers for your YouTube channel is like boosting your video’s reach, and there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, this social media marketing strategy is compliant with the YouTube guidelines.

The process of buying YouTube subscribers is safe and easy as well. You do not have to worry about anything during or after buying. The only concern is to buy these services from trustworthy and reliable websites. The result you will get from there will take your channel to the next level with zero risk.

  1. Do people focus on YouTube subscribers while watching YouTube videos?

Yes, definitely. People do keep a check on the YouTube subscriber count whenever they watch a video on the platform. The higher the subscribers count, the more they trust the channel.

Your channel’s number of subscribers for people to connect with you, no matter how good your content is. Therefore, focusing on the subscribers’ list along with quality content is best recommended.

  1. What is the best place to buy YouTube subscribers?

Always look forward to buying YouTube subscribers from reliable and trusted websites. Genuine websites help the channel grow and save your time and hard-earned money to a larger extent. The best place to buy subscribers is




  1. How do you get organic YouTube subscribers?

Several alternatives can help you get organic YouTube subscribers, increasing your channel’s reach and engagement. They are as follows

Create high-quality content consistently

Self-promote your channel on other social media platforms

Optimize your videos

Collaborate with other YouTube creators

  1. Can I grow my YouTube channel with real subscribers?

Buying real YouTube subscribers can completely change the dynamics of your channel growth. You will see a sudden increase in subscriber count, which will help you grow your account overall.

You get a better engagement rate when you buy real YouTube subscribers. This increase in engagement helps your account to get to a wider audience. It means the new users will now watch your videos and even interact with the content if it excites them. And as more people interact with your content, you will witness more and more engagement.

It is truly said that paid subscribers are blessings in disguise. They can help you get more real and active subscribers.

  1. Is it expensive to purchase YouTube subscribers?

If you compare the mainstream social media services like marketing campaigns with the YouTube subscribers services, the latter will always be affordable any day. The reason is the companies know exactly what the small accounts want on less budget. Hence, the pricing is kept very competitive so that all can enjoy and reap the benefits.

  1. Is Buying YouTube Subscribers for My Youtube Channel Worth It?

For the last couple of years, YoutTube has become very difficult for beginners to survive in the market. Even in a few cases, experienced creators have quit the platform because of its competitive nature. Hence, buying more YouTube subscribers is an effective way to increase the channel’s engagement and growth.

However, it is very critical for you to choose a reliable and trustworthy website to get real subscribers. Also, producing high-quality content consistently should go hand in hand.